• Millbrook High School students are expected to be in class every day, on time, ready to learn, respect others and respect school property.  Millbrook High School is a place for serious study where each person respects oneself, other people, and property.  All school personnel, including teachers, substitute teachers, counselors, media specialists, cafeteria staff, teacher assistants, secretaries, bus drivers and administrators have the responsibility and authority to discipline students during the school day and during scheduled school activities.  Students are expected to follow the rules established by the Wake County Board of Education and those established for Millbrook High School.  

    Below you will find important sections of the student handbook but you are responsible for all information in the handbook .
  • Attendance Policies

  • CATS on TIME - Halls Passes and Tardies

  • Head Coverings, Electronics

  • Restricted Areas

  • Dress Code

  • Discipline