• English as a Second Language & Guided Study

    English as a Second Language (ESL) is a year-long course with a focus on learning school and academic vocabulary in a small group setting. Guided Study supports students by helping students’ successfully complete homework/projects/quizzes in other content areas.

    ESL 1: studies school and academic vocabulary and focuses on speaking skills, verb tenses, and reading and writing simple sentences.

    ESL 2: continues to study the academic vocabulary used in the content areas (math, science, humanities and language arts). Attention is given to reading and writing more advanced sentences and paragraphs.

    ESL 3: reviews the grammar and academic vocabulary taught in ESL 1 and 2 and focuses on more advanced elements such as idioms and article usage. Attention is given to improvement of reading and writing skills as well as enhanced speaking skills.

    Guided Study: supports students in their efforts to successfully complete homework assignments and class projects. Class time is also used to complete quizzes and tests from other teachers. Students must bring work to this class. This class is intended to supplement what is done at home.

    Additional information regarding the ESL Essential Standards can be found at: 

    ESL Grading Scale
    • Class work- 20%
    • Class participation- 20%
    • Projects- 20%
    • Test/Quizzes- 20%
    • Homework- 20%

    Guided Study Grading Scale
    • Homework-50%
    • Class participation-50%