East Millbrook Academy of the Visual and Performing Arts (AVPA)

  • Please contact our Magnet Coordinator with any questions.
    Joanna Caves
    (919) 850-8755 ext. 27374

     Wake County has a new home for the arts:  The East Millbrook Academy of the Visual and Performing Arts

    • Students are offered the opportunity to explore the arts in leveled, progressive visual and performing arts classes.
    • Arts course offerings: 2D Visual Art, 3D Visual Art, Theatre, Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Dance, Piano Lab, and Electric Strings.

    The Guild

    • Students who seek deep study in a chosen art form can take a double-period arts Guild class.  Imagine 2 back-to-back class periods every school day to practice and advance in your child's artistic passion.  This is available only at East Millbrook.
    • Guild classes are creative artistic laboratories made up of the most devoted and talented visual and performing art students.

    Living the Arts every day: Arts Integration that reaches every student on campus

    • All students learn about the arts through:
      • Arts-integrated experiences in all classes on campus
        • Driven by our amazing Arts Integration Specialist who is the only one of her kind in WCPSS
        • Standards-based arts education helping students to more deeply connect and excel in Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies classes
      • Artists-in-residence
        • Professional artists working directly with East Millbrook students
      • Arts-centered field trips and performances
      • Arts-focused service learning projects

    Our magnet tours have ended for this season. Thank you to all the families who visited. Our next school tours will begin in fall of 2019. 

    Learn how we embed the arts into all that we do!