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    Trojan Spirit Wear!
    Get ready for our next Carnage Spirit Day by purchasing one of our new t-shirt designs! T-shirt costs are $12-15. We also have a limited supply of sweatshirts. You don't need to be a member of MemberHub to purchase anything...just check out as a Guest. :-)
     And spirit wear pickup just got easier! After purchasing, a member will contact you to schedule a pickup location closest to you. We have pickup locations in South East Raleigh, Apex near Ten Ten, West Cary & Morrisville. 


    Carnage PTSA Welcomes all Parents, Teachers & Students to be a part of our organization to support our school!
    Dear Parents,
    After 55 years of looking out for our children, the walls of Carnage Magnet Middle School are in need of painting! We are looking to transform our main hallway into a vibrant area before school starts. And we need your help! 
    We provide the paints (purple, green and gold) and you paint a 5' section of the hallways. And if you are feeling inspired, you can bring additional paints and create something inspiring and beautiful like a geometrical pattern, a small mural or an inspiration quote.
    Be a part of the change by signing up here!
    Join the Carnage PTSA now and give your child a Voice...and a t-shirt!



    Join the PTSA to learn more about volunteer opportunities, get regular email updates and support our teachers & students. Go to http://carnageptsa.org/ to see an updated list of our meetings, officers, online link to join the PTSA, and more.
    Please click the link below if you are interested in joining a carpool group organized and sponsored by the PTSA.
    Q: How does this program work?
    Please click on the "Sign Up!" button to set up a personal account. You must provide a valid email address. You will be asked to enter the location of your "Trip Origin" (where you live or where you wish to meet your carpool). After you confirm your email account, you will be able to view your matches and contact the other commuters in your group by phone or email. Possible carpool matches also will be emailed to you periodically. If you do not wish to reveal your street address when you enter a carpool request, merely enter your street name or neighborhood.
    Q: How do I know my privacy is being protected?
    Please see our Safety, privacy, and terms of use agreement for CarpoolWorld's commitments, limitations, and advice concering safety and privacy. CarpoolWorld strives to keep your information private and does not send spam. You have the option when you register if you wish to provide your telephone number or just use emails. You can choose to be matched only with people within the Carnage PTSA group.
    Q: How easy is this system to use?
    Once you have created your account, you are free to search the site for other commuters who want to carpool. You may search for those who live close to you, who have similar schedules, or who have similar driving preferences. If you are interested in carpooling with someone, simply click the provided link to send them an email, or call them if they provide a phone number. From there you are free to make arrangements that suit you both. The site also includes advanced features to search for carpools and to display the matches on a map, as you wis


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