• Parents and interested community volunteers are strongly encouraged to become involved in our school's program. We recognize and appreciate the valuable role parents and volunteers have in the success of each school, and we hope that everyone will join with us in our efforts to improve and expand our program.

    Parents interested in a specific area of volunteer work should complete the Parent Volunteer Survey sent home by our PTA. Assistance in "signing up" can be offered by contacting the school or the PTA's volunteer coordinator. You will also have to complete the Volunteer Registration online at school.

    We need and encourage parents' help and participation in the school. Please check with the teachers for specific times when special projects or instructional situations could benefit from your help. Teachers would like to construct schedules (dates and times) when they can count on parent participation.

    Please! Parents should refrain from just "dropping in" the classroom unannounced. Unannounced visits and/or parents just sitting and observing their child can be disruptive and interfere with the total class' concentration and learning process. In addition, parents should not bring younger siblings to school when volunteering or tutoring. The younger siblings require supervision and cause distractions to regular classroom procedures. The parents need to be able to devote their time to assisting the teacher or the individual students they are tutoring.