• Link for extra practice 11/15

    Posted by Beth Otto on 11/15/2019
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  • Cool Down unit 3 lesson 1-5

    Posted by Beth Otto on 11/6/2019

    Please make sure you have turned this cool down in. It was due last Monday 11/4. I will be a zero if it is not turned in by 11/8!

    Cool Down unit 3 lessons 1-5

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  • video link for 10/24/19

    Posted by Beth Otto on 10/23/2019
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  • Link for math 8 class 10/22

    Posted by Beth Otto on 10/21/2019
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  • Exit Ticket 9/18/19

    Posted by Beth Otto on 9/18/2019
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  • Math 8 Cool Down (Module 2 lessons 1-5)

    Posted by Beth Otto on 9/12/2019

    Cool Down Module 2 lessons 1-5

    Due Monday September 16th

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  • Open Up Resources

    Posted by Beth Otto on 9/9/2019

    Use the following link for extra assistance/parental questions pertaining to open up resources and instruction

    Open Up student/parent resources

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  • Missing Cool Downs?

    Posted by Beth Otto on 9/9/2019

    All missing work was to be turned in by last Friday 9/6, however, since we had a hurricane I will allow you to turn in any missing cool downs through this week only. Anything not turned in by 9/13 will be a perminent zero. 

    Cool Down Lessons 1-4

    Cool Down Lessons 5-10

    Cool Down Lessons 11-16

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  • Welcome to the 8th grade

    Posted by Beth Otto on 7/28/2019

    I would like to take the opportunity to welcome all of my new students to my classroom! The spinner dolphins look forward to an exciting year. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns as the week progresses.


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