• Spring arrives in the Art classroom!

    Posted by Teresa LaBiche on 3/21/2019

    Hooray!  Spring has arrived in the Art classroom.  7th grade artists are busy moving the knowledge they have gained from their field studies of various birds to clay.  First birds are formed in plasticene (an oil-based clay) and then larger scale birds are formed in earthenware (ceramic) clay.  6th grade artist created lizards, geckos, and skinks with sgraffito designs.  Lizards are in the kiln ready for firing!

    Plasticene birds Kiln Loaded Lizards 1 Kiln loaded Lizards 2 Kiln loaded Lizards 3

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  • Gifts of Gold 2019: Congratulations Ella!

    Posted by Teresa LaBiche on 3/2/2019

    We love sharing artwork with our community!  

    This year's Gift of Gold art exhibition will feature an original oil pastel by DRMS student artist Ella D.  

    Gifts of Gold is the art exhibition that runs in conjunction with WCPSS's annual Pieces of Gold event.

    Join us Tuesday afternoon, March 5, 2019 as we formally open the exhibition in the lobby of Duke Memorial Auditorium.

    (Pieces of Gold will be held the evening of March 6th.)

    "Fall Stuff"

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  • Congratulation Artists!

    Posted by Teresa LaBiche on 1/29/2019 8:35:00 AM

    Please join me in congratulating three of our DRMS Student Visual Artists:  Cynae L. (8.2), Jussef P-D. (8.4), and Nicholas P. (8.4).

    In late January, their artworks were entered in the 2018-19 Arts Festival of The Woman's Club of Raleigh and Junior Woman's Club of Raleigh.

    The Arts Festival is billed as the largest Arts recognition program for young people in North Carolina and is in its 50th year. Students in Grades 6-8 participated in Crafts, Visual Arts, and Photography. 

    Cynae was awarded first place in the craft category: Mosaics.  Nicholas and Jussef were awarded first and second place, respectfully, in the craft category: Weaving.  

    I am proud of these students for taking what they have learned in the art classroom to another level.  Their persistence and willingness to reflect and revise produced visually strong original, abstract art works in different media.   While Cynae's mosaic communicates nature, Nicholas's and Jussef's weavings are a visual response to a personal, significant memory.

    First and second place winners advanced to compete at the GFWC-NC District VI Arts Festival at First Baptist Church in Raleigh, on Saturday, February 16, 2019. The first place winners at the District VI Arts Festival will advance to the GFWC-NC State Arts Festival competition at Campbell University, Buies Creek, on Saturday, March 2, 2019 tentative.

    Jussef nicholas cynae 2019

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  • HIDDEN TREASURE: Durham artist- Ernie Barnes

    Posted by Teresa LaBiche on 1/12/2019


    Ernie Barnes

    HIDDEN TREASURE!  Durham, NC Artist, Ernie Barnes


    We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to delve deeper into the works and life of Ernie Barnes (1938- 2009).  Durham native Earnie Barnes was both an amazing artist and athlete.  Barnes had a successful NFL career playing for the Baltimore Colts, Titans of New York, San Diego Chargers, and the Denver Broncos. He was often fined for sketching during team meetings!  One of those sketches sold years later for $1000!  Barnes always thought of himself first as an artist and then as an athlete.  


    Fun Facts:  

    Barnes was nicknamed "Big Rembrandt" by his Denver teammates

    He and Rembrandt shared the same birthday

    He attended NCCU, majoring in Art on a full athletic scholarship


    I knew his work from the 70s TV show "Good Times".  Producer Norman Lear commissioned Mr. Barnes to create the paintings the character J.J. used in the show.  Comedian Eddie Murphy owns the original "Sugar Shack" painting by Barnes. This painting is seen at the open and closing of the show (seasons 4 & 5).  It was also used as the album cover art for Marvin Gaye's 1976 album "I Want You."  


    YOU can see this work and more at our NC Museum of History, downtown Raleigh.  

    The exhibition is FREE! and runs through March 3, 2019.




    Ernie Barnes official website


    Check out this Bits of History podcast with his longtime assistant and estate trustee Luz Rodriguez-  Bits of History podcast








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  • January Happenings!

    Posted by Teresa LaBiche on 1/12/2019

    Happy New Year Artists!  January is proving to be a very busy time in the art studio as new classes begin.  Students are exploring the ancient printmaking technique- Suminagashi- and creating visually strong and varied handprinted paper.  Two of the monoprints will be used as sketchbook covers and the rest as inspirational backgrounds and paper for collage and mixed media art.


    In addition to printmaking, student artists are developing their design thinking muscles as they work to analyze the needs of several City of Raleigh environmental art contests/ campaigns and create original, viable design solutions for consideration.  Soon, students will "pitch" their ideas using audio/ video to the group (peer review), and revise their work before final submission to the City of Raleigh.  This experience provides students with the opportunity to develop soft skills like communication and discourse, time management, and creative/ critical analysis.  It's been exciting for me to observe these young designers in action!





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  • NC State Fair 2018 Artwork Delivered!

    Posted by Teresa LaBiche on 10/7/2018

    Six amazing works of art created by DRMS students have been dropped off at the NC State Fairgrounds for inclusion in the 2018 K-12 Art Exhibition.  The exhibition is located in the Kerr Scott Building.  If you attend the state fair this year, you will deflinitely want to check out the works on display!


    Thank you to the following student artists for sharing their work-

    Laila F., Sofia G., Felicity S., Olivia H., Haila A., and Sara-Kathryn F.

    Laila F.  Line Sofia G.  Sofia Felicity S. Royal Blue Dogs Olivia H. Serenity Haila A. Brainstorm Sara-Kathryn F. Nature's Escape

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  • Why coming to class prepared with your 1-inch, 3-ring Art notebook (binder) and a traditional pencil are important.

    Posted by Teresa LaBiche on 8/23/2018

    Having your Art notebook and a traditional pencil for class each day impacts the ability to be organized, stay on task, and experience success in the Art classroom. Ultimately, not being able to reference information covered in class and/ or not having the proper materials each day does impact graded work.

    Students are required to have a 1-inch 3-Ring Binder just for this class- their ART notebook.  This notebook is our personal "textbook" and contains notes, handouts, visual works, etc. and is used as a quick reference for the class.  

    Students are required to maintain this notebook.  It may be stored in the flat file area designated for their class.

    A traditional pencil is used in class because of its versatility.  A traditional pencil allows you to create both consistent lines and create values (tones/ shading).  A mechanical pencil does not.

    Students are required to bring a traditional pencil, agenda, Art notebook, and other necessary art materials to class each day.

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  • Art Contest Announced! Calling all Dog lovers

    Posted by Teresa LaBiche on 7/12/2018

    AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Art Contest

    Deadline for submissions: August 10, 2018

    Theme:  DOGS!

    Finalists will have their art displayed at the Flagship AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day 2018 at the NC State Fairgrounds on September 8, 2018.


    For more information, visit:  www.akc.org/public-education/akc-rdo-art-contest


    Regardless of your animal preference, I'd like everyone to start gathering INSPIRATION (step 1 of Design Process Thinking)- take photos and upload to your google drive (art) folder, create a google doc of images, look and sketch animals (pets) in different poses.  


    We will use this information to create artwork using a variety of drawing and mixed media.  YOUR subject matter may not be Dogs unless you would like to submit work for the contest.


    Remember, we have several display opportunities for your quality work- Central Office (September) and NC State Fair (October) and other dates!  Happy gathering!

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  • Welcoming the new school year 2018-19! Day 1

    Posted by Teresa LaBiche on 7/9/2018

    Day 1 and student artists hit the ground running with a series of pre drawing tests.  Today- Realistic self-portraits using direct observation skills.


    Day 1 pre drawing Direct Observation Self-portrait Day 1 pre drawing Direct Observation Self-portrait 2 Day 1 pre drawing Direct Observation Self-portrait 3 Day 1 pre drawing Direct Observation Self-portrait 4

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  • 7th Grade Student Artists in Studio

    Posted by Teresa LaBiche on 5/22/2018

    7th Grade student artists are busy creating 2-D mixed media self-portraits with a symbolic motif.  These works fuse together our explorations in papercutting (wycinanki), color theory, enlarging a line drawing using the grid method, visual rhythm and pattern, the Positivity Project, plus analysis/ discussion of Brookly-based artist, Kehinde Wiley.

    Alston jaydon jose Daniel anthony wyatt parker    sophia

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