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  • Nov 9-13 (Fitness for remote & VA, PE for in person)

    Posted by Matthew Mauder on 11/8/2020

    Virtual Academy, Cohort 1A & 2B: This week we are in fitness and learning about Fitness compnents and the FITT Principle. You will have a Quizizz and Flipgrid due on Monday, November 16.


    Cohort 3C: WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL!! This week we welcome you back to school for face-to-face teaching again! We will always be in PE when you are in the building, so come to school dressed for activity since we will not be using the locker rooms. Also, be prepared to be outside. We are going to be learning footgolf this week!


    Fitness Journal #9: Due for EVERYONE (virtual academy & cohort A, B, C) this Friday, November 13.

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  • PE Week: Tennis (November 2-6)

    Posted by Matthew Mauder on 11/1/2020

    This week in PE we are learning about the game of tennis! Don't worry if you don't have a racket to play with, because I will show you how to play notebook tennis!! So grab a notebook or your school agenda and let's get ready to play!! If you don't have a tennis ball, find another small ball that will bounce. If you don't have a small ball that will bounce, no worries, I also show you have to play with a rolled up pair of socks!

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  • Health: Tolerance Oct 19-23

    Posted by Matthew Mauder on 10/24/2020

    This week we are in health and our focus is on tolerance and healthy relationships. This is a heavy topic to unpack, but such an important topic to discuss. This week you will learn about what tolerance is, examples of intolerance, and how you can stand up and advocate against those negative, intolerant behaviors. Your project this week will get your creative juices flowing and show how you can be a rockstar advocate for tolerance!

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