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  • Week 6: Health (September 21st-25th)

    Posted by Matthew Mauder on 9/20/2020

    This week in health we are covering the Covid-19 pandemic as well as a brief history of past pandemics and reinforcing how to stay safe during a pandemic. You will be creating a Covid commercial this week using Flipgrid! If you would like your commercial to be shown on the school website or morning announcements, let me know after you share it with me!

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  • Week 4: PE (September 8th-11th)

    Posted by Matthew Mauder on 9/6/2020

    This week, all students will have the chance to play 9 unique reaction games. The games (written instructions & video examples) are located in Google Classroom. After playing all of the games, a short reflection/quiz should be completed and submitted. Get up, get moving, have fun!

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  • Week 3: Health (August 31-September 4)

    Posted by Matthew Mauder on 8/30/2020

    I hope you all enjoyed your weekends! This week, all classes will be learning about the Health Triangle. Your health triangle consists of physical, emotional, and social health. It is always ideal to try and have all 3 sides balanced. Activities will include students reviewing the objects they used in their virtual locker back in week 1. Based on those items, students will discuss how the items fit into their own health triangle. Assignments are posted in Google Classroom.


    Starting this week, all students will complete a weekly fitness journal. I am asking every student to complete at least 20 minutes of physical activity, at least 5 days a week. Fitness journals are also located in Google Classroom. 


    Don't forget to review the class lists in Google Classroom if you haven''t already to view which day you meet with me live.

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