• Visitors/Volunteers in the Building

    All exterior doors will be locked from the outside for security reasons. The only door that should be entered is the main entrance. At that point, anyone other than Pleasant Union staff members MUST sign in at the office and wear a visitor badge.

    Please remember Wake County Public School System requires volunteers to register or reregister online in the media center every year. In the beginning of the school year, volunteer registration is open daily. Starting in October of each year, registration is only open on Mondays.

    Volunteers are needed to help throughout the school in every capacity. In addition to the many volunteer opportunities provided by our PTA, classroom teachers also need volunteers for:

    Great Leaps - The Great Leaps program is a phonics-based program with activities that help students with phonics and fluency. Students leave the classroom for 5-10 min. each time with a parent volunteer, while they do these activities with each chosen student. Each volunteer will work with several students each day that they volunteer.

    The Kit Program - Kids Into Thinking Skills is an enrichment program for K-2 graders. After an overview and training session, parents volunteer to facilitate the activities with small groups of students. The KITS themselves span all subject areas, honing in on higher level thinking skills with grade level appropriate topics. Ms. Shipley offers two training sessions at the start of the year, and individual support throughout. Speak with your child's teacher or Ms. Shipley if you are interested in this volunteer opportunity.