• Quick Facts About the Hawks


    Mascot: Golden Hawks  

    School Colors: Purple & Vegas Gold

    Size of 2019-2020 9th Grade Class: About 560 students

    Student Section - PURPLE CRAZE

    HSHS Opened in 2006-2007 and graduated its first class in 2009

    Important Dates for the Class of 2024


    Flight Academy - August 6, 2020

    Location: Holly Springs High School
    Time: Last Name A - J (8:00-11:00) / Last Name  K- Z (1:00-4:00) If possible, please attend your session.  
    At this event, students will participate in orientation activities. 

    • Day in the life of a Hawk
    • Purple Craze (Learn the spirit chants)
    • Tour of the school
    • Club Fair (sign up for clubs / learn about clubs)
    • Q & A session with Mr. Poppe / Counselor / SRO
    Questions about this event? Contact Holly Springs High School 919-577-1444



    Open House to Meet Fall Teachers - TBD

    Location: Holly Springs High School

    Time: 5:00-7:00pm (evening)
     This event is a "walk through" event where parents and students can: 


    Are you interested in visiting HSHS?


    There are several opportunities for rising 9th grade families to visit and tour the school including (1) the Curriculum Fair in February, (2) Flight Academy in August, and (3) Open House the week before school starts.  Tours can be arranged at other times by contacting Ms. Mitchell in our Student Services Office at (919) 577-1444.  During the school year, tours are only given after school hours. 



    Course Registration

    Rising 9th graders will select their high school courses through their middle school during the months of February and March. All students should select:

    An English course
    A Math course
    A Science course
    A Social Studies course
    Healthful Living


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is the difference between an academic class and an honors class?
    A: An honors course is more academically rigorous. The increased rigor will prepare you for future Advanced Placement (AP) and college courses. Select honors courses if you are looking to challenge yourself and enhance your academic rigor.

    Q: What is the difference between an honors course and an Advancements Placement (AP) course?
    A: AP classes are more rigorous than honors courses. After completing an AP class, students can take the AP exam and potentially receive college credit for that course if they receive a passing score. Taking an AP course shows colleges that students can handle college level work.

    Q: When can a student register for an Advancement Placement (AP) class?
    A: Students can begin to take AP classes in the 10th grade.

    Q: Do I have to take Health & Physical Education as a 9th grader?
    A: Yes. It is a NC graduation requirement, so all 9th graders at HSHS are enrolled in Health & PE to fulfill that requirement.

    Q: Can I take an elective that is NOT on the 9th grade registration information sheet?
    A: No. All of the courses on the registration sheet are available to 9th graders. All other courses are available to grades 10-12.

    Q: Can I register for curriculum assistance as a study hall?
    A: No. Students must be part of special programs and have an IEP in order to register for curriculum assistance. HSHS does not offer a study hall as a course.

    Q: If I register for a class, how likely am I to be put into it?
    A: Very likely! Please be sure that you are registering for courses that you want to take (including your alternates). We make a schedule based on student selections and do very few changes. If you are unsure about a course, please read the course description on the WCPSS website.

    Q: Where do I go to read a description of a course?


    Q: When will students register for classes?
    A: Students will be given information in February and will register in Powerschool in early March. This will happen at your current middle school.

    Q: If I register for a yearlong course (band, dance, vocal music), can I switch out of it during spring semester if I don’t like it?
    A: No. If you sign up for the class, then you will be registered for the entire school year. Only students with extenuating circumstances will be removed.

    Q:  Is there a supply list for 9th graders?
    A:  No.  There is not a generic supply list for any grade level.  There are a few reasons.  First, we try hard to provide materials that are required for each class and not pass along costs to families (to the degree possible).  Second, the limited supplies that we ask students to purchase will be course specific.  Teachers will be able to provide any information about this at the open house in August.


    What is HOT Lunch (Hawks On Task)?

     HOT Lunch is a special part of almost every day at Holly Springs High. Below are some key parts of HOT lunch.
    • ALL students eat lunch from 10:24-11:14. The first half is A lunch and the second half is B lunch.
    • Every teacher is required to offer tutorials twice a week for 25 minutes during HOT lunch. (i.e. Math tutorials are on Tuesdays during B lunch and Thursdays during A lunch). The tutorial schedule is attached.
    • HOT lunch allows students to receive assistance from their teachers, make up missed quizzes/tests, complete homework, etc.
    • Students are assigned and required to attend tutorials if they are failing a course. However, ALL students can attend tutorials anytime to receive assistance.        

     Tutorial Schedule

    The Performing Arts

    Holly Springs High offers Theatre Arts, Modern Dance, Chorus, & Band.  Each program provides unique opportunities for students to get involved, grow their talent and leadership, and the ability to be a part of something amazing!  Learn more ...



    Athletics Information

    Students that will be participating in athletics will need a current physical on file at HSHS. All forms can be found at this site.  It is a good habit to get the physical done over the summer.  Students are required to renew their physical each school year.