Single Subject Acceleration

  • Single Subject Acceleration (SSA) is the practice of assigning a student to a higher-grade level than is typical, given the student's age, for the purpose of providing access to appropriately challenging learning opportunities. SSA is an accelerative practice that allows students to show mastery of the content of a course without having taken the course.

    What is the process for Single Subject Acceleration?

    Parents can nominate his/her child to skip a grade level of content in either Language Arts OR Mathematics.

    Nomination forms will be available from your child’s school or through the online site listed below during the specified Nomination Windows.

    Single Subject Acceleration 

    The SSA, or Single Subject Acceleration, test request window is opening (view table below). The linked form MUST be completed to nominate your child for SSA testing, regardless of if you’ve already let Mr. Ronczka know that you’re interested in testing your child. If you have additional questions you can email Ms. Sheehan at

    Single Subject Acceleration means that for either math or reading, not both, your child would take the respective subject a year in advance if they pass the SSA test. 

    For example, if your child is currently in 3rd grade and takes the SSA math test and passes, then the following year in 4th grade they would take 5th grade math. Any student who passes the SSA test in the spring would not matriculate until the following year. The results of the SSA test do not immediately move your child up a grade level for the respective subject area. They must wait until the following year.

    Additionally, it is SINGLE subject acceleration. Your child cannot take both the reading and math SSA test. You must choose between the two.


    Please read before nominating your child: Caregiver SSA FAQ from WCPSS




    School Calendar

    Test Request Submission Window

    School Testing 


    YR Track 1

    Feb. 21 - 25

    April 4 - 19

    YR Track 2

    March 23 - 27 

    April 4 - 19

    YR Track 3

    March 23 - 27 

    April 4 - 19

    YR Track 4

    March 23 - 27 

    April 18 - May 3

    • For a paper copy, please call the front office at 919-363-1391 and let them know when you will come by to pick up a paper copy.  Once you complete the paper form you will need to return it to the front office.  

    •  For more information, contact your school’s SSA contact.


    Link to Wake County SSA Information