• Student Jobs Program

    Upper grade students at Turner Creek have the opportunity to participate in a number of jobs during the school day that benefit the school community and student participants.  Students are invited to apply for the positions, and must receive approval of their home-room teacher in order to participate. 


    Morning News

    The Morning News crew is responsible for scripting, filming, and delivering televised morning announcements for TCE. Students will be on a three week assignment. Students in 4th grade are eligible. The goal for the program is to help TCE start each day off with a cheerful note as well as building self-esteem for students by featuring them or their achievements on the air. Improving confidence, developing public-speaking and use of technology are additional benefits to being part of the Morning News Crew.  Contact Anne Sheehan: asheehan@wcpss.net


    Safety Patrol 

    The job of Safety Patrol is to help maintain discipline and orderliness inside and outside the school during arrival and dismissal times. Students in 5th grade are eligible. They keep their fellow students safe by reminding them not to run and helping them if they have fallen or dropped something. They are responsible for escorting students to and from their vehicles, opening and closing doors and assisting teachers and staff during arrival and departure times. Safety Patrol students learn a sense of responsibility.  Not only are they responsible for other students' safety, they are responsible for their job. They must be on time as well as find a replacement when they have another obligation.
    Car Pool Safety Patrol: Robin Lumpkin: rlumpkin@wcpss.net  

    Media Helpers

    Media Helpers assist in the library during morning checkout time (8:45 - 9:10). They help fellow students find books, assist at the check-out computers, as well as check-in and help organize books. It is a great way to learn library skills and responsibility. Students in 5th grade are eligible to participate and usually work on a three-week rotation. Information about this job will be provided to all 5th graders.
    Please contact Stephanie Powell with any questions: spowell2@wcpss.net


    Student Council

    The Turner Creek Student Council is designed to allow students some supervised decision-making about school functions and special programs. Student representatives for 4th and 5th grade are elected by their peers and must show strong positive character traits. Students meet regularly with the Student Council Teacher Representative.
    Rhonda Riggins: rriggins@wcpss.net
     Membership and participation in all student clubs and organizations is open to all students without regard to age, race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or other protected classifications.