Chorus Cues





    Dearest Singers,

    I am missing you guys so much, and your beautiful singing voices. I keep thinking about our last rehearsal together, you guys rocked both of our Meymandi selections. Once again, you had me shedding tears of joy! I trust you are still singing at home. Remember, you guys have the recording of "Moment by Moment" and some of you have the score. Fidelia was amazing too. Your musical phrases, clarity of pitches, and diction was superb!

    5th graders, I hope you are enjoying your musical books "101 Dalmatians Kids." Both fourth and fifth graders remember, as we've done in class, you may research other groups whom have performed this musical and definitely sing along!

    Stay tuned to our TCE Concert Chorus Google Classroom for updates!

    Keep Singing and sharing your gift of song for your families!
    Ms. Michael