• Music at TCE with Ms. Michael





    TCE Rock Stars are Making Music!


    I wanted to share some great ideas for you to make music on your own!


    For our 3 – 5 graders:


    1.Grab your recorders and play using the “Rockin Recorders’ link. Remember you can click on some fun and jazzy accompaniments while you play! If you need assistance with remembering your fingerings click on “Interactive recorder fingering chart” it will show you the fingering and make the correct pitch for you to match.


    2. Don’t forget about the “Finale Music” notepad. Please remember you must have your folks permission first. Also, if you have difficulty with the download you can use this site https://www.blanksheetmusic.net and create your very own manuscript paper and compose another amazing song as you have for me. You guys truly are Music Rock Stars!


    For all grades: Click on “Music Through the Curriculum” this site has many of your favorites like “Sequencing with Simon,” Playing Fraction Pies,” and “Music Fraction Bars” you guys always amaze me when you do these!


    Have fun sharing with your folks and siblings all you know!


    Ms. Michael