• NWCCA 2nd Chance Application Process 2023-2024

    You want to apply to North Wake College and Career Academy for the 2023-2024 school year. The 2nd Chance of Application Process for the 2023 -2024 school year requires parents to request a transfer from their student's base school. To begin your application, please follow the following steps.


    STEP 1:

    Enroll at your Base School for the 2023-2024 school year at www.wcpss.net/enroll 

    *If you are already enrolled in a WCPSS school, you will begin with STEP 2. 


    STEP 2:

    Submit a Transfer Request at wcpss.schoolmint.comUnder your child's card in SchoolMint, click the "+" to Add Form. Start a Request for School Transfer. Select "change of school/hardship" as the reason for the request. Use the available text box to include the statement "Round Two Early College Application." *If you have already applied for a transfer, then the system may not allow you to apply for another transfer. If so, use this FORM to complete step 2. Make sure you select North Wake College and Career Academy.


    STEP 3:

    Complete this FORM to inform the school you completed the Request for School Transfer. We will follow up with the school district to ensure you receive the instructions to apply to North Wake College and Career Academy and are supported during the process.



    You will now need to complete part 2 of the application. (your transfer request was just the first step in the request).  

    You must have all items -the essay, 3 recommendations, and 2 years of previous grades and standardized test scores and current grades and standardized test scores.

    • To complete part 2 of the early college application, visit ecprograms.wcpss.net. Click on “click here to begin part 2” 
      • Enter your demographic data to begin the application. 
      • Enter the grade for the 23-24 school year 
      • Enter the birthday correctly 
    • You will receive an email with a temporary password. Follow the link in the email to ecprograms.wcpss.net.  
      • Enter the student ID number at the bottom of the page. 
      • COPY AND PASTE the temporary password 
      • You will be prompted to create a new password and enter the application 
    • In the application: 
      • Select the highest level of education of one parent 
      • Initial the statement of understanding 
      • Select the school(s) to which you are applying 
    • On the application status page: 
      • Click on “continue to essay” to complete an essay for each school to which you are applying 
      • Click on “continue to recommendations” to enter the email address of the ELA teacher, MAT teacher, and counselor/administrator who will complete a recommendation for you.  
        • Please be sure that you have alerted the recommender in advance so they are aware that they will receive an email with a link to the recommendation.  
      • Upload grades if necessary (only if not a WCPSS student)


    When all items are complete and submitted, the application is complete There is NO submit button. Email tanderson-powell@wcpss.net to let her know when all parts are submitted and complete. she will have the school score the application and you will receive notice from the office of student assignment regarding the approval or denial of your request. Completed applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


    If you have questions, please contact:

    North Wake College and Career Academy

    Rafael Roman | rroman@wcpss.net | 919-694-8650 | Ext. 29091 


    WCPSS Magnet Program

    Tamani Anderson Powell | tanderson-powell@wcpss.net