• Welcome to Dillard Drive Magnet Middle School


    This page includes all the resources needed to help your rising 5th grader(s) register for elective courses at Dillard Drive Magnet Middle School.

    Course Curriculum Guide - Here you can read all about the Core Classes, Health and PE, and all other Electives offered in 6th grade at DDMMS.

    DDMMS's Cheat Sheet for Registration in PowerScheduler/HomeBase (shows our electives for 6th grade and states the course name and code for registration).

    DDMMS 6th Grade Electives (Spanish Version)


    Please join DDMMS at our Welcome event for rising 6th graders on March 21st at 4:30pm.

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Rising 6th Grade


    How many electives should I register for?

    • All rising 6th graders should mark off 5 elective choices.

    How many electives do I choose if the course I am requesting is made up of 2 quarter-long courses?

    • Some of our electives require two quarter classes to create the semester-long course. 
        • Homelife Around the World
          • Exploring Childcare and Exploring Nutrition and Wellness
        • Global Perspectives: Personal finance, interior design, apparel, and hospitality
          • Understanding Personal Finance & Hospitality and Exploring Apparel & Interior Design
        • Skills for the Real World Series 1
          •  Keyboarding & Basic Word Processing and Digital Literacy
        • Project Revive & Engineering Design and Problem Solving
          • Project Revive & Technology Systems in the Designed World
        • Engineering and Design
          • Using Design Creation to Help Others and Engineering Technology & Society
    • For these courses you will need to request both quarter-long courses.  Which means you may have more than 5 courses marked in power schools. 

    When should I begin studying a world language?

    • Visit our guide on world language studies here