• Digital Media Career Academy


    Registration Link:  https://bit.ly/dmcaapplication


    What is the DMCA?

    The Digital Media Career Academy (DMCA) is a small learning community within Millbrook high school. In the DMCA, students learn in smaller groups that help build multi-year relationships with teachers and other students.  Specialized classes using the Adobe Suite teach the skills that students need to succeed in college and career. Students can earn income while getting valuable job experience through their internships and summer jobs. Career Academy students go to college more often than other students. Want to know more? Check out this video: https://bit.ly/DMCArecruitment


    • Provides students with the opportunities in their High School experience to collaborate and create through the use of state-of the art workforce technologies 

    • Students will participate in a mixture of career and academic classes at the same time.

    • Provides entrance requirements for four-year colleges and universities, as well as graduation requirements for the State of North Carolina.

    • Designed to expose students to a full range of careers in the Digital Media field.

    • Students are eligible to earn certifications in five of the Adobe disciplines.

    Our History

    Founded in the spring of 2014 and launched in the fall of 2014, the Millbrook High School Digital Media Career Academy is ever changing as it evolves to keep up with the demands and techniques present in the workplace today. The Academy graduated its second cohort (first cohort to participate in all four years) in May 2018, and boasts an impressive 98% graduation rate.