School Grading Plan



    In the Wake County Public School System, we are committed to maintaining rigorous performance and achievement standards for all students and to providing a fair and consistent process for evaluating and reporting student progress that is understandable to students and their parents and relevant for instructional purposes.

    The information below shares specific information about grading at our school updated October 2021.


    Interim and Report Card Guidelines and Expectations

    Board Policy 3400, Evaluation of Student Progress and the related Policy 3400 R&P are the core basis of any grading or evaluation plan in schools for 2021-2022.  In reviewing these policies, it is important to emphasize the following expectations that exist at all grade levels:

    • Grades must appropriately and consistently measure and communicate an individual student’s level of mastery of defined learning standards/objective;.
    • Grades cannot be punitive. This includes lowering a grade due to lack of access to technology or failure to log into a live instruction meeting (if in Virtual Academy);.
    • All schools will approve a grading plan that aligns with Board Policy 3400 that is approved by the principal and submitted to the area superintendent;
    • Teachers will communicate grading expectations to students and parents;
    • Regular timely feedback will be provided on student work to promote learning, self evaluation and growth.

    Standards Based Grading Level Descriptors

    Standards based grading is used to report student proficiency on curriculum standards:

    Level 4:  Exemplary.  The student is able to reach beyond the expectation of the standard to a higher level of understanding and/or application.

    Level 3:  Proficient.  The student demonstrates an understanding of the standard.

    Level 2:  Approaching Proficient.  The student is either inconsistent in demonstrating an understanding or needs teacher support to demonstrate an understanding of the standard.

    Level 1:   Non-Proficient.   The student does not yet demonstrate an understanding of the standard. Even with teacher support, the student is not able to demonstrate an understanding of the standard.

    Report Cards

    • Report Cards should include comments for all students. Teacher comments are imperative to this grading system and should be specific. If your child has an intervention plan, the teacher will include a comment on the report card. 
    • Intervention/Tier Plans should go home with report cards if teachers have not previously sent them home yet. Intervention/Tier plans should be aligned with areas of concern noted on the report card. Parents should already have had previous communication with the teacher regarding any plans their child is receiving.
    • Teachers do not need to enter 3 grades per bolded standard in Powerschool since Powerschool pulls the last entry as the grade. However, teachers should have multiple data points or pieces of evidence to support the grade they are giving (for bolded standards)
    • Grades are given for Music, Art, and PE each semester and will appear on the second and fourth quarter report cards for all students (K-5). The grades reflect student performance on the standards for each area.
    • No grades are given for Media, Spanish, STEM, or Enrichment.
    • Classroom behaviors are reported separately. In grades K-5 the behaviors are separated into work habits and conduct. Each behavior is rated according to the following scale:

              3 – meets expectations

              2 – inconsistently meets expectations

              1 – does not meet expectations


    Virtual Academy:  Work Habits and Conduct Guidelines

    • Special Education

    All county and state expectations regarding grades and feedback will be met.  Students with an IEP will receive a progress report with each quarterly report card.  This progress report measures student growth on individual goals on each student’s IEP.  The levels are defined differently for IEP progress reports and there are no numeric grades.

    In addition to the IEP progress report, students in special education will receive general education report cards and interims measuring student performance on the grade level standards.


    Homework Plan

    Homework is assigned to enrich, remediate, and reinforce standards that have already been taught in class.  Homework reinforces learning by providing practice and application of standards aligned skills  Homework is considered practice: therefore, it is reflected in the Work Habits grade on the report card and does not count towards the student’s grade.  Lacy Elementary School’s homework policy aligns with the guidelines of WCPSS Board Policy 5510.  Homework will not be given as punishment or as a behavior consequence.  Parents are encouraged to communicate regularly with teachers regarding their child’s progress on homework and share extenuating circumstances when necessary.

    See the link below for specific grade level homework expectations:

    Lacy Homework Plan for Grade Levels

    See the link below for specific grade level homework resources provided by WCPSS:

    WCPSS Homework Resources for 2nd-5th Grade ELA and K-5th Grade Math


    Missed Work

    Requests for assignments for an absent student will be accepted if the student is out.  Parents may contact the teacher directly.  Otherwise, the student will receive their makeup work when they return to school.  For absences of one to three days, the student will have one day for each day absent to make up the work.  For absences exceeding three days, the student may have two days for each day absent to make up the work.  Special consideration will be given in the case of an extended absence due to injury or chronic illness. 


    Parent Communication

     Regular communication between school and home is critical for student success.

    • Parent teacher conferences are offered to all parents at least twice a year.
    • Additional conferences may be requested by either the teacher or the parent/guardian as needed. Conferences can be held before school, after school, during planning time or on a teacher workday.  Conferences should not be held during instructional time.
    • Work samples that indicate the level of student achievement toward the standard will be shared with parents/guardians regularly.
    • If a student is performing at a Level 1 or 2 on a standard that has been taught to the point where mastery would be expected, the teacher will make direct contact with the parent or guardian.
    • Missed assignments will be communicated to parents/guardians