• ¡Bienvenidos! Welcome!

    We have been comparing two countries, in different continents that speak Spanish out of 21 countries that all are joined by one language. I have been teaching the children that Spanish opens doors to communicate with  so many people, including in our own country 12%. One child in the hall asked me “Te gustan las manzanas?” That made me smile.  I myself am from Spain and moved here from Italy where I lived for 10 years. I have been living in Cary for 15 years now and call it my home. I have bilingual twin girls in first grade, Francesca and Raffaella. In Italy I taught English as a second language at the Kindergarten level, directed a European Community funded school for Italian as a second language for immigrants, taught two years Education seminars at the university level,taught 300 hours in Naples,Italy methods of teaching a target language workshops, taught English at a school of tourism in the Island of Capri and taught English at a teachers Association at night. My undergraduate degree is Spanish Literature and Business Administration. I came to North Carolina to work on my masters in Education and get my teaching license at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, where my father, Dr. Lagos, is also a professor/writer from Colombia there and my mother,from Spain, at Greensboro college. So I was destined to be in the field of Education.

    The last two years I was working at a Montessori full immersion Spanish school teaching world cultures and core subjects. I love working with children and get energized by their joy and enthusiasm. Besides learning conversation questions and certain topics on the curriculum, in class we have also danced a bit of Flamenco and Cumbia. On weekends I like to listen to Jazz/blues and go to festivals around town. I am thrilled to be here and hope to be here to teach your children. Please pop in and say
     “ Hola”.
    In Spanish class, students will enjoy taking part in many cultural activities including singing, playing games, and making crafts and foods while learning to communicate in the Spanish language!
    ~Señora Lagos