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    Daily Instructional Schedule

    Most of our East Wake High School students who are enrolled in Virtual Academy are taking a course taught by an East Wake High School teacher. However, some students may be enrolled in a Virtual Academy course taught a Wake County Public School teacher at another location while others may be enrolled in a course provided by a North Carolina Virtual Public School teacher. Students who are taking courses taught by East Wake High School and/or WCPSS teachers will access their courses through their WakeID account and by clicking on the blue Canvas icon.

    Click here for a brief tutorial on how to access Canvas in your WakeID account.


    Don't know your WakeID username or password? Click here for help.


    Click here for a short video that outlines some of the Canvas Learning Management features.


    Students who are enrolled in a course with the North Carolina Virtual Public School will receive an email to their WCPSS provided email account by the first day of school with more specific information about what course they are taking in NCVPS, how to access the course with their NCVPS login and password, etc...

    Below is a copy of the initial daily direct instruction schedule for our Virtual Academy courses. As we navigate through the school year, we may need to make adjustments to this schedule and if a change is necessary, more specific information about our Virtual Academy schedule will be shared with our students via their course teachers.



    Student Attendance Expectations

    During the 2020-2021 school year, attendance in our Virtual Academy allowed for students to login and complete assignments each day in order to be considered present. Some students participated in each day's scheduled live instruction through Google Meet and were considered present through their participation. Other students were considered present if they didn't attend the scheduled Google Meet but engaged in learning that day (i.e. submitted work, responded to a form, completed a daily journal, etc...) However, during the 2021-2022 school year all students are required to attend and participate/respond to the teacher during their scheduled live instruction each day. Students are expected to log on each day to their scheduled Google Meets at the beginning of each instructional block and must remain actively engaged for the duration of their lesson. Any student who needs to miss their schedule class and/or leave early/arrive late due to an appointment, technical difficulties, etc... should have their parent/guardian communicate with their student's teacher within two days of the absence. Students with habitual poor attendance and/or lack of participation may lose the ability to remain enrolled in their Virtual Academy courses and transitioned back to a face to face model at East Wake High School.


    Wake County Public School System Virtual Academy Orientation

    This site includes general information regarding district expectations for Virtual Academy students. It includes important information about Attendance requirements, Family Responsibilities, Student Expectations, Technical Support for Canvas (Canvas is the platform that most of our Virtual Academy courses will be housed on), and how parents can sign up for a Parent Observer Account in Canvas so you can stay up to date about upcoming assignment deadlines, course announcements, grades, and much more. 


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    We hope that this page will help you to prepare for the first day of school and serve as a resource throughout the school year to address any questions you might have. Please be sure to review all of the linked information, video tutorials, materials, and schedule as we anticipate that most of your questions can be answered with these resources. However, if you have reviewed all of the materials and still need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our Administrator over the Virtual Academy, Mrs. Katonia Ford at kford@wcpss.net