• APUSH Summer Assignment

    Objectives: On the third day of class for the 2022-23 school year students will complete a quiz in which reading and understanding of chapters 2 and 3 of The American Pageant textbook will be demonstrated.  This will NOT be an open note quiz, but students should take notes and organize the text to aid them in understanding the content. Students will be asked to compare and contrast (similarities and differences) the various settlements of colonial America.

    Ch. 3 Key Terms: Students should be able to identify the following terms as well as be able to evaluate each for its significance (political, social and/or economic) in American history AND be able to connect each term to other terms or names within the chapter or on this list.


    Mayflower Compact

    William Bradford

    Massachusetts Bay Colony

    John Winthrop

    “Bible Commonwealth”

    Sumptuary Laws

    Anne Hutchinson

    Roger Williams

    Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

    King Philip’s War

    New England Confederation

    Dominion of New England

    Navigation Laws

    William Penn

    Ch. 3 Key Concepts

    1. Explain how 1) Calvinism spread through England, and 2) how it impacted immigration to the New World.
    2. How is the Mayflower Compact a precedent for U.S. government?
    3. Describe the economy of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and explain the religious connection to both the economy and to the political structure of the Bay Colony (be sure to include the connection of separation of church and state).
    4. Why did the Bay colony particularly fear religious dissenters such as Hutchinson and Williams.
    5. What precedents were set by Rhode Island? By Connecticut?
    6. Describe the major conflicts between Native Americans and New Englanders, explain the impacts of these conflicts (think politically, socially and/or economically.
    7. How did the Dominion of New England mark a turning point in Parliamentary/colonial affairs?
    8. Describe New Amsterdam and the social impact of Dutch settlement.
    9. Compare civil and political life in Pennsylvania to that of other colonies.
    10. What similarities existed in the Middle Colonies?