• Base Immersion Applications

    Half of our dual immersion seats are dedicated to our base students (students assigned to attend Smith Elementary based on their address). Before applying for our dual immersion program, you MUST enroll your student in WCPSS and ensure you are assigned to Smith Elementary as your base school. Register your student in WCPSS

    Base students for Smith Elementary ONLY:

    Rising kindergarteners assigned to Smith Elementary as a BASE student may apply for our Spanish Immersion program using the link below.  On January 27, 2024, you will be notified of acceptance into the program.  

    BASE STUDENT Dual Spanish Immersion Application

    Solicitud para el programa de inmersión para el ESTUDIANTE BASE

    If you are NOT a base student, but would like your student to join the Dual Language Immersion program. Please check your eligibility and apply on the WCPSS magnet website. We would love to have you!