Attendance/Leaving School

     1. A student who leaves school for any reason during the day is counted absent for the day unless he/she returns and the combined time in school is equal to half the regular school day or 3 & ¼ hours.
    2. Students may leave with a parent for dental or doctor’s appointments with prior notice to the child’s teacher. Whenever possible make these appointments before or after school hours or during track outs.
    3. If it is necessary for a parent to take his/her child from school during school hours, please come to the office. A sign-out sheet is on the desk in the front office. Office personnel will call your child from the classroom after you arrive. If the student returns to school, he/she should report to the office for readmission. Please do not call ahead and ask for your child to be in the office waiting.
    4. When your child is absent, you should call the office on the day of the absence. On the day they return, you must send a written excuse to the school which includes the following information: Your child’s name Dates of absence or tardiness Specific cause of absence or tardiness Your signature and daytime phone number If a student is tardy, he/she must check in at the office for an admission slip to the classroom. Tardy students disrupt the instructional program for all. Children need the morning time to prepare for the day ahead. Excessive tardies will result in a conference with the adminstration to see how this issue can be resolved.
    5. Any child who has been absent from school for 7 days will be notified in writing. Any child that accumulates at least twenty-five absences will be granted an attendance hearing to take place in May of each school year.
    6. If you would like to take your child out of school for religious or educational reasons, you must fill out a “Request for Excused Absence” form. This request will require the approval of the principal. These forms may be obtained from the school office and must be filled out at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled absence. Family trips will not be considered excused absences, in light of the attendance standards required from the federal legislation of “No Child Left Behind.” The standard is 95% attendance for students enrolled in a school. Knowing this, you may still choose to take your child(ren) out of school for these events.