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Google Classroom

Navigate a Class



    Stream displays all activity for the class. This may include questions, assignments, class materials or quizzes.

    Screenshot illustrating "stream"



    Classwork displays all activities that the teacher has posted.

    Screenshot illustrating "classwork" tab

    Screenshot illustrating features of Classroom: View your work, Meet, Google Calendar, and Class Drive folder

    1. View Your Work: View all completed or uncompleted assignments.

    2. Meet: Meet virtually with your class. Your teacher must enable this feature.

    3. Google Calendar: Due dates will appear on the calendar.

    4. Class Drive folder: A folder is created in your Google Drive for each of your classes. Class documents are stored here.

Submit an Assignment

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    View an assignment

    1. Click Assignment you want to work on.

    Screenshot illustrating "Assignment 1"

    2. Click View assignment

    Screenshot illustrating "view assignment" button

    • Provided directions or links to resources you may need will appear.
    • Post private comments that can only be viewed by your teacher.
    • If turned on by your teacher, you can post class comments that the entire class can view.

    Screenshot illustrating sample list of directions or links to resources you may need


    Turn in an assignment

    1. Click + Add or create.

    • You can upload an existing file from your Google Drive, add a link to a website or upload a file from your computer.
    • You can also create a new Google document or drawing.

    Screenshot illustrating "+ add or create" button

    2. Click Turn In when your work is complete.

    Screenshot illustrating "turn in" button

    3. Click Turn in again to confirm. Once an assignment is turned in, you cannot access it unless your teacher returns it to you or you click Unsubmit.

    Screenshot illustrating "turn in" button

Join a Class in Google Classroom

  • Your teacher can add you to a class in Google Classroom or your teacher can invite you by sharing a join code or by sending an invite to your WCPSS student email.


    Teacher shared a join code

    1. Open Google Classroom.

    2. In upper-right corner, click addition symbol.

    3. Click Join class.

    Screenshot of steps 2 and 3

    4. Enter provided code.

    5. Click Join.

    Screenshot illustrating steps 4 and 5


    Teacher sent an email invite

    Email invites can be accepted from the student’s WCPSS email or in Google Classroom. Not all elementary students have WCPSS email enabled.

    Accept from WCPSS student email

    1. In your WCPSS email, open message from your teacher.

    2. Click Join.

    Screenshot illustrating steps "accept from wcpss student email"


    Accept in Google Classroom

    1. The class tile will appear on the home screen in Google Classroom.

    2. Click Join.

    Screenshot illustrating steps "accept from google classroom" 

Open Google Classroom


    1. Go to and log in with your WakeID credentials.

    • If you need help logging in, view these instructions K-2 | 3-13.

    2. Click Google Classroom icon.

    • Your enrolled classes will appear.

    Google Classroom icon

Unsubmit an assignment


    If you need to correct your work, or if your teacher provided you with edits, you can unsubmit your assignment.

    1. Click Unsubmit.

    Screenshot illustrating "unsubmit" button

    2. Click Unsubmit again to confirm. Once corrections or edits are complete, be sure to resubmit your assignment.

    Screenshot illustrating "unsubmit" button

    Contact your teacher with additional questions.

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