Southeast Raleigh Elementary School is committed to our student’s school experience and wants to eliminate barriers that often prevent students from succeeding in school. School uniforms have a transforming impact on student attitudes and academic environments. It eliminates peer pressure and competition and fosters equity among diverse student populations. Uniforms help increase school spirit, but most importantly, it saves families money and promotes a unified school community. 

    At SERES, all students will wear school uniforms Monday through Thursday and we will have Free Expression Friday, this means students will be allowed to wear WCPSS dress code appropriate outfits of their choice.  

    Grades K-4 will be required to wear purple polo shirts and grade 5 will wear green polo shirts. Please see vendor information to ensure color/style.  Students also have the option of wearing white polo shirts. All students will wear khaki bottoms.

    Free Expression Friday- Parents/guardians are asked to use good judgment with regard to proper school dress for students. Short shorts (shorts must be to the student’s fingertips), bare midriffs (boys and girls), spaghetti straps, halter tops, and other distracting clothing are not considered acceptable attire. Clothing that contains any offensive symbols or words are not allowed. Students will be expected to keep their pants pulled to their waist. Hats and other headgear may not be worn in the building unless permitted by administration. Tennis shoes should be worn on days when students have PE and are most appropriate for structured play. These guidelines are designed to help provide an instructional atmosphere and assist with security measures. For more information, review WCPSS Dress Code in the WCPSS Student/Parent Handbook.