• magnet application

    As a priority applicant to a WCPSS magnet school who was not able to be selected during the initial magnet application period, you are invited to submit a transfer request for magnet school that has a limited number of priority magnet seats still available. Priority applicants are those who qualify for selection priorities 1-5.  To confirm your selection priority, please visit wcpss.net/priorities.

    To learn more about these programs, you may visit a school’s websites and reach out to the contact listed under the name of the school. Or, visit our website, www.wcpss.net/magnet for more information about magnet schools and themes.  

    To apply to any of the above listed schools, please submit a transfer request anytime after May 1, 2020 at transfers.wcpss.net/apply. Identify it as a hardship transfer and, in the dialogue box, enter “Invited to apply by the Office of Magnet Programs” and include your level of priority.

    If your request is approved, the magnet school will become your child’s assigned school. If you are selected for a school where transportation is not provided, you will be responsible for transportation to and from school. To see the level of transportation for your address, visit wcpss.net/preview. If the school of interest is not on your list, you may still request it but transportation will not be available.

    If you have other questions, feel free to contact our Magnet Coordinator, Carrie Bolding, cebolding@wcpss.net or WCPSS Magnet Department, Tamani Anderson Powell TAnderson-Powell@wcpss.net.