• Remote Virtual Learning

    In the wake of the first global pandemic of our time, our world has changed. Things we considered to be normal are no longer normal. We are working to adjust how we serve our nest in providing teaching and learning, and to support opportunities to the degree these unprecedented circumstances allow. We thank you for your continued patience as we work through these ongoing challenges. Please review the Remote Learning Standards below. Use the menu on this page to review the recommended family schedules for Remote Learning, Family Q&A for Remote Learning, and to review access information.

    Your child’s teacher may already have reached out to you or your child to establish contact and to check on their well-being. Some students may already have accessed review resources through the WCPSS Remote Learning Resources website.  The second phase of Remote Learning begins on April 13.

    Remote Learning Standards

    • One of our core beliefs is our ongoing commitment to preparing all students for life after they graduate, whether going to college or joining the workforce. Continuous remote learning aims to bridge the gap in learning between school closure and the day we can reopen for our students.
    • School schedules for continuous remote learning are set within parameters established across the district. Schedules have been developed to provide maximum flexibility in order to meet the needs of individual students, families, and teachers.
    • If your student receives services through an IEP or 504 plan, your child’s special education teachers and related service providers will also contact you. In light of current circumstances, they are also working to create continuous learning opportunities with the intent of allowing students with disabilities to learn in a manner consistent with the adjusted learning schedules and formats for all students. With the shift to continuous remote learning and adjusted school experiences for all, it is reasonable to expect that learning activities for students with IEPs, like all other students, will look very different. 
    • It is our intent to provide continuous remote learning in a variety of ways, including pre-recorded lessons, “real-time” or “live” sessions with teachers and students, and/or printed materials when appropriate. All continuous learning will be provided in lessons that students may access in a manner that is not dependent on using a device at a specific time. We recognize that there are significant challenges in access to technology. We have assessed needs around accessibility and are engaged in a process for the distribution of devices.

    Expectations and Guidelines for Students and Families in Remote Learning

    The State Board of Education has provided general guidance that states, “It is paramount to remember the unprecedented condition students are learning in and to focus on engagement more than evaluation.”  Additionally, the State Board guidance makes clear that learning should be “accessible by all students for which the learning is intended” and that districts “will focus on supporting student progress and communicating feedback to students and families rather than on assigning grades.”

    The following guidelines and expectations have been created to ensure that Remote Learning provides continued learning and support opportunities for students and/or families while maintaining maximum flexibility for teachers, students, and families. It is important to keep in mind that as circumstances evolve, so will these initial guidelines and expectations.