• The purpose of the BCES Remote Learning Plan is to provide consistency to students, families, and staff through a predictable structure that also allows for maximum flexibility for all in order to support continued student learning and preparation for the 20-21 school year. We are not conducting “business as usual.” We are providing structures and supports that enable students to continue to make progress toward grade-level standards while schools are closed for an extended period of time. Our plan has been designed to provide structure without creating hardships for students or teachers. If your child is not able to participate in remote learning due to a hardship, please contact your child's teacher to discuss how your child can best learn and prepare despite current circumstances.

    Calendar: The instructional calendar has been altered so that all 4 multi-track year-round calendars will align to the traditional calendar for the remainder of this school year, or until we return to school in the building. 


    Students are expected to engage with contect for about 2 hours each day, Monday through Thursday. Teachers will post the day's lessons in their Google Classroom by 8:30 each morning, Monday through Thursday. Some Kindergarten and 1st Grade classes may use SeeSaw rather than Google  Classroom, and some teachers may also use a Google Site to supplement Google Classroom or SeeSaw. Students may complete lessons in any order they wish at a time that works for them and their family. Brier Creek's schedule will be:

    student schedule

    Update Beginning Week of 5/4/2020:

    1. Teachers will no longer hold daily Office Hours, as this has not been a highly utilized resource in the first 3 weeks of remote learning. Instead, teachers will hold at least two sessions of Office Hours for at least 30 min/session. The time and link will be provided to students and families each day. Office hours will give students and parents a chance to check-in, ask questions, and seek clarification on assignments and lessons, however, students and parents may also contact the teacher via Google Classroom and/or email with any questions at any time. 
    2. Each class will have an opportunity to meet together for at least an hour per week. The teacher may choose to do two shorter sessions or one longer session.

    *Please do not post a link or Google Meet code on social media, as doing so poses a security risk for our students.

    All new material will be presented asynchronously, rather than live, so that students can access instruction at a time that works for them. Teachers will focus on the essential standards identified by WCPSS in order to prepare students for the next grade. Special education teachers, the ESL teacher, the AIG teacher, and Instructional Facilitators are collaborating with grade-level teams to plan for instruction that meets the needs of all learners. If you'd like to review all of the learning standards for a particular grade level, please visit that grade level's Google Site or NC DPI's website



    Lessons from Specialists will be posted by teachers daily. The specials schedule is:


    Specialists will also have Office Hours 2/week. The times and link will be sent by classroom teachers.


    Assessing Student Performance

    Assessing and grading student performance will look very different while learning remotely. Teachers will (1) engage students in learning; (2) provide students and parents with purposeful and meaningful feedback; and (3) monitor student progress and growth. They will not, however, assign marks or grades to represent student mastery or performance. Per a decision made by the State Board of Education in late April, elementary students will not receive a final mark for the 2nd semester, but will be provided overall feedback as to academic progress and social-emotional skills.


    Resources for Parents 

    During this time, parents may feel overwhelmed, anxious, or unfamiliar with the platforms students and teachers are using for learning. You may find resources on the WCPSS Remote Learning website and on our supplemental at-home resources site helpful. Also, please know that now is not the time to fret over academic progress. Your child's social, emotional, and mental health is the most important thing right now. All students are faced with the challenge of not being in school at the moment, and teachers & school staff will work diligently to support your child's re-acclimation to school when we are able to return. We hope that parents will give themselves the same grace and flexibility during this time that is expected for teachers and students. 


    Technology Help

    Are you or your child experiencing technology issues while remote learning? You can find support on the Remote Learning Resources - Technology Support page, or, families can contact the WCPSS Help Desk directly by calling 919-694-8100 from 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, weekdays. You can also go to the Help Desk website anytime. These FAQs can help you troubleshoot as well.