Tips to help prepare your family for remote learning next week

  • Families, 

    Starting on Monday, many teachers and students will start a new phase of remote learning. And while this new phase won’t replace classroom instruction, it will provide equitable and continuous learning opportunities to the extent possible.

    All parents can take some basic steps to get the most out of learning at home. 

    1. Create a space for learning with the least amount of distractions possible. 
    2. Familiarize yourself with your child’s learning schedule provided by your school. 
    3. If you have challenges at home, share those with your child’s teacher. 
    4. If you have access to the Internet and a computer, make sure you know the virtual platform your child’s teacher will use. Most will use Canvas, Google Classroom, or Seesaw. 

    Here are some updates as you prepare for next week: 

    What You Should Expect from Your Child’s School

    Look for communication from your child’s teacher about when you can meet with them for a phone call or video conference. Students in grades 6 through 12 may also use their WCPSS email account to send an email to their teacher if they have a question. Learn more > 

    UNC-TV Learning Opportunity

    UNC-TV and the NC Department of Public Instruction are expanding their educational programming for all students PreK through grade 12. This will be especially useful for students who have not yet accessed digital resources for remote learning. Learn more > 

    Grading and Feedback Practices

    Some questions still remain regarding grading and feedback practices for students for the rest of the year. Part of working through those questions includes waiting for additional guidance from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. We’ve provided additional updates on our website. Learn more > 

    Chromebook Devices

    We have begun the process of distributing Chromebooks from schools. To date, 115 schools have loaned out over 12,000 Chromebooks. Before announcing distribution dates, schools must have a Chromebook for every student who has previously requested one and enough personnel to safely manage the distribution process. Learn more > 

    Hotspots for Internet Access

    We anticipate that we will receive 10,500 WiFi hotspots starting next week. These are separate devices that allow you to connect your technology devices to the Internet. As soon as they arrive, we will immediately begin preparing them for distribution. Learn more > 

    Technical Support

    As you are working with your student, there are resources and support available for your family regarding how to log in and how to use specific digital tools. If you have a technology issue and need help, please contact the Student Help Desk at or by phone weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 919-694-8100.

    All Playground and Athletic Fields are Closed

    Due to local and state directives, all school facilities including all playground and athletic fields are closed. For the safety of our community, we ask that your family please adhere to the guidelines.

    Messages from Board of Education Chair and Superintendent

    For each of the past three weeks, Board of Education Chair Keith Sutton and Superintendent Cathy Moore have held virtual press briefings. The briefings cover a range of topics and questions related to school operations since the governor closed all schools statewide. The briefings are posted on the WCPSS YouTube channel.