• The Wade Edwards Learning Lab is located at 714 St. Mary's Street in Raleigh and is dedicated to serving all Wake County High School students through a variety of program offerings.  Student programs include activities and evidence based programs incorporating the theory of positive youth development. In short, positive youth development is an intentional, positive approach that engages youth within their various social groups (communities, schools, peer groups, families, etc.); recognizes and utilizes strengths of youth; and promotes positive outcomes for young people. For more information, please visit https://www.wade.org/. If you have questions about programming for youth, please contact Ms. Murchison at rmurchison@wade.org

     Some of the services for WCPSS students offered at The WELL:

     Tutoring. Does a HS student you know need a little extra academic help? The WELL’s growing team of tutors is ready to help students meet current academic goals and build the skills necessary to succeed outside of the WELL. Tutoring is available to all WCPSS students who can sign up for up to two one-hour sessions per week in all levels of Math, English, History and Science. Email achievement@wade.org if you have questions about tutoring at the WELL.

     Note Taking and Studying Skills Session. Coming Soon! A more holistic, generalized tutoring opportunity, where students can learn studying and note taking skills applicable in all subjects. Get on the list now -- email Pierce at achievement@wade.org. And if you are a note taking or study skills expert and would like to volunteer with this new project, please also email Pierce.

     Teen Talk. Teen Talk at The WELL has started up again on Tuesdays from 3:15-4:15. It safe space to discuss issues affecting teens. For more infomation, visit https://www.wade.org/teen-talk/

     LEAP.  A reminder that LEAP- Life Expectations and Planning Session is available every Monday 3-4 at The WELL to any and all students who are looking to plan for college or a career after high school. For more information, visit https://www.wade.org/portfolio-item/leap/.

     ACT/SAT Test Prep: The WELL is pleased to collaborate with Raleigh Tutoring for both the ACT and SAT Boot Camps. All boot camps are taught by certified teachers. For more information, please visit https://www.wade.org/portfolio-item/act-sat-test-prep/