• WOW Wednesday!

    WOW Wednesdays provide teachers with an extra block of time for academic and social/emotional learning differentiation. All students participate in a weekly 56-minute WOW Wednesday sessions between first and second period providing additional remediation and enrichment opportunities. These activities may include special projects, hands on activities, an opportunity to make up missed assignments, Restorative Circles, and more. Because every staff member participates in WOW Wednesdays, the student to teacher ratio can be smaller than in a normal class. WOW Wednesdays were designed to give teachers an opportunity to regroup students on a more regular and fluid basis and craft activities that are aligned with individual student needs. Our hope is that by having this differentiated block of time, student growth will increase.

    WOW Wednesday Schedule


    Yoga Class 9/18/19
    Yoga class yoga class  
      Students working on poster highlighting countries for National Hispanic Heritage Month. 9/18/19  
    Students working on posters Students working on posters  
     Students in Ms. Carter's goup created fabric compass roses--integrating Family & Consumer Science with social studies! 9/18/19student making a fabric compass rose Student working with fabric  
      Students with Ms. Carr and Ms. Campbell learned to make orgami creations as a way to de-stress!  
    students doing oragami student group displaying oragamin  
     Students in Ms. Bone's Book Club group. 9/18/19Book Club student group After last week's school tour examining how well we "scream" our magnet theme, Ms. Hardy's Magnet Marketing students complete an online snapshot survey to document their feedback. 9/18/19students working at computers  
     Students discussing how Moore Square can support them in continuing to practice self-control and make good choices. 9/18/192 students working at a table Art Criticism group investigating the  Neo-Impressionist style of French painter Georges Seurat's "The Circus". 9/18/19Art students examining Seurat's "The Circus" painting  
     Ms. Polashock's students played Battleship using 2-step equations. 9/11/19  
    students working students working
     Students in Ms. Rodriguez's group researched for Hispanic Heritage Month projects celebrated September 15-October 15. 9/11/19  
    students researching on iPad student researching on iPad  
     Ms. Duncan and Dr. Jordan's Yoga class. 9/11/19  
    Yoga class Yoga class  
     So proud of their work creating bullet journals in Ms. Bumsted's WOW Wedneday. 9/11/19  
    girls posing with projects Girls working  
     Genius Hour in Ms. Blum's WOW Wednesday. 9/11/19  
    Students working student working  
     Ms. Carr's students worked hard on missing assignments. 9/4/19  
    students working students working at computers  
     Ms. Carter's students work on their digital portfolio. 9/4/19  
    Student working at laptop on Digital Portfolio  Student working at laptop on Digital Portfolio

    Ms. Dowd's Advocacy WOW Wednesday group researched and created posters for causes they want to advocate for! 9/4/19

    Students collaboration at computers
    Student poster collaboration
     Ms. Hardy's Magnet Marketing class write articles about electives and other events for the Moore Square website. 9/4/19  Students in Ms. Meyer's WOW group play computer simulation games like Oregon Trail to understand life long ago. 9/4/19
    Students writing at computers student demonstrates Oregon Trail  
    Students in Ms. Kemp's STEM WOW group built catapults. 9/4/19  
    Students build catapults Kemp students build catapults
    Students in Mr. Hunters Science Olympiad WOW group exercised team-building. 9/4/19  
    Science Olympiad Teambuilding OM students
    Ms. Polashok's math group built snowmen with Play-Doh. They used the circumference of each sphere to find the radius and then find the volume of their spheres. 9/4/19  
    Girl measuring circumference with Play-doh spheres Students measuring circumference with Play-doh spheres  
     Ms. Robinette's students worked on collaboration and teamwork by building structures from spaghetti noodles and marshmallows.  9/4/19  
    Students with marshmallow towers Students with Marshmallow Towers
     Ms. T. Price's Math WOW group did a Whodunnit skill building for arithmetic and geometric sequences. 8/28/19  
    Student in math clue activity Student using math clues
    Ms. Rice's Girls Doing Math created towers with marshmallows and toothpicks to see who can construct the tallest tower. 8/28/19  
    Girls Doing Math Girls Doing Math
      Restorative Circles August 7, 2019  
    Restorative Circle Group Students posting ideas
    Student writing Restorative Circle Group
    Restorative Circle Group Restorative Circle
     Restorative Circles July 31, 2019  
    Restorative Circle Class Restorative Circle Class
    Restorative Circle Class Restorative Circle Class
    Restorative Circle Class Restorative Circle Class