• Please print the Walker Application and turn it in to your child's teacher.

    Click here to access the Morrisville Walker Application


    MES Walker Procedures


    Permission Forms: All students who leave the school to travel within the Walk-Zone must have a completed Permission Form. Students will be assigned a Red- or Blue- Walk-Zone Tag once a Permission Form has been received. Students will not be released to walk until a completed Walk-Zone Permission Form has been received and a corresponding Walk-Zone Tag has been issued.


    Red Tag Walkers: All students in Kindergarten and Grade 1 must be accompanied by an adult. Parents may indicate that their student is required to be accompanied by an adult at any grade via the Walk-Zone Permission Form. Red Tag Walkers will only be released to a parent who has identified themselves using identification.


    Blue Tag Walkers: Students in Grades 2-5 are permitted to walk home without adult accompaniment if indicated on the Walk-Zone Permission Form. Students who do not demonstrate safe and responsible behavior may be required to be accompanied by an adult as a Red Tag Walker, regardless of age or grade. Blue Tag Walkers will be identified by a Blue Tag on their backpack.


    Parent Identification: Parents should identify themselves to Morrisville ES staff by their Parent Tag. Parents who do not have their Parent Tag may be referred to the office to appropriately reference photo identification or otherwise confirm their right to accompany a Red Tag Walker.


    Dismissal Line-up: Parents of Red Tag Walkers should meet Morrisville ES staff on the corner of Morrisville Pkwy and across the street from the entrance of Morrisville ES. Parents of Red Tag Walkers may also be asked to show their identification to a staff member when necessary. Any parents of Blue Tag Walkers may also walk with their student for any reason.


    Dismissal Hours: Red Tag Walkers should be picked-up no later than 3:50 PM. Students are released beginning at 3:45 PM. All Walk-Zone students will dismiss from the designated corner at the front of the school.


    Arrival Hours:  Unsupervised Blue Tag Walkers should arrive no sooner than 8:45 AM. No supervision is provided at the school for students prior to 8:45 AM except through enrollment in the Before-School YMCA Program. Red Tag Walkers and Blue Tag Walkers who arrive with adult supervision should arrive no sooner than 8:40 AM, and the accompanying adult must remain with the student until the Arrival Bell at 8:45 AM.


    Riding in a Car: Any student in the Walk-Zone are strongly encouraged to follow the school’s car-rider procedures during inclement weather, or at the convenience of the family; however, no Walk-Zone student should be driven to, released from, or picked-up at, any point on the school’s property except by car-rider procedure, or by parking in the main parking lot at the front of the school and walking the student into the school. When using the car-rider line to pick up you child, we ask that you provide your child's walker tag number to help with dismissal.