• 2018-2019 HSES Teacher of the Year: Amy Sensabaugh 

    Amy Sensabaugh, HSES Teacher of the Year

    Ms. Sensabaugh joined the HSES staff in October 2013. Since then, she has been a member of the 5th grade team. During this time, she has served on various committees, including PBIS, SIP, and SILT; she has been Grade Level Chair for the past three years. Ms. Sensabaugh completed Summer STEM training during 2016-2017, and collaborated with her teammates to create and implement two PBL projects. They presented their work at NCTIES and STEMPosium.  In 2017, Ms. Sensabaugh piloted the BYOD program, and has always been eager to share her knowledge of digital learning with colleagues.  She is always willing to support new initiatives at HSES and WCPSS. While her professional responsibilities have always been important to her, the relationships she builds with her colleagues, students, and families are what she is most proud of.  Ms. Sensabaugh works to build strong relationships with her students. She wants them to be excited to come school everyday, and to know she cares. A former student shared why Ms. Sensabaugh should be selected as Teacher of the Year. Here is what she said:

    We learned not by worksheets or textbooks but fun hands-on projects. Because of this I learned a lot about the topic and how to collaborate with my classmates. She made learning fun. We worked with technology which really helped me in middle school. Ms. Sensabaugh took the time to get to know us personally. She knew our strengths and weaknesses and was willing to help us. She was very organized and had control over the classroom which made me feel comfortable in the classroom and made me want to come to school. -Brenna Lang


    2018-2019 HSES Teacher Assistant of the Year: Sue Tooley

    Sue Tooley TA of the Year



    For those of you that know me, you understand why I can’t stay away from HSES.  Throughout my 14 years at HSES, I have developed strong relationships with my peers, students, and our Cheetah families. I have served on the Student Support Team, Student Council, PBIS, Before and After School program, Good Time Gang and was Teacher of the Year. My journey began on the 5th grade team where I learned how to dance in the halls and learned the importance of teaching math in a new and innovative way. Next, I moved onto third grade where I was amazed at how hard each team member works to ready their students for success. Yet another move brought me to 2nd grade , where I made friendships that helped develop my love of painting just for fun. Finally, my last move brought me to the position of a Kindergarten Teacher Assistant.

    I am an advocate for animals in need and work to support Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue (NRGRR) and TeddyRox  Foundation. I foster and adopt dogs in need and work to raise funds which support both organizations and the shelters of Eastern NC.  Retrieving Hearts Therapy Dogs is close to my heart as I had Alex, a certified therapy dog. Together we would visit the local YMCA and work with children with Autism, NCSU, and the Ronald McDonald House. I am currently fostering a new dog in hopes of returning to Retrieving Hearts to support the well- being of people in need of emotional support.