Principal's Message 8/27/18

  • Greetings Parents,

    It is with great pleasure to send out the first of many principal updates for the year.  We have an amazing year planned and my staff and I are ready to welcome your child(ren) back to Penny Road Elementary.  I’ve enjoyed meeting with many of you and look forward to our continued partnership in ensuring a successful school year ahead.  I’ve attached the Parent-Student Handbook that outlines a few of our basic policies and procedures that are specific to our school.  The entire document can be viewed by clicking here.  You will also receive a copy of the WCPSS Parent-Student Handbook which identifies policies that you are asked to be familiar with as well.  Although I’ve included a few of our procedures to help get you started for our next few days, I highly recommend that you read the handbook in its entirety.   



    • 8:45am – 9:10am Students arrive
    • Students can not arrive before 8:45am, since no one is available for supervision.
    • A Before-School child care program is provided by the YMCA (919) 657-9622.
    • 9:10am – Children should be in classrooms
    • 9:15am -  Classes begin
    • 3:45pm -  Dismissal


    All students need to be dropped off in the front of the building by the tented area.  Staff members will be there to assist with student drop off.


    • Students who arrive after 9:15am are considered tardy.  They should report to the office and obtain a tardy slip. An excuse for late arrival should be provided at that time.  
    • Parents should not take a late arriving student directly to the classroom.


    • All early check-outs must occur before 3:15pm each day.  Please note that after 3:15pm we will not call the classroom to dismiss students due to end of the day dismissal and preparations.
    • A parent must come to the office to sign a child out.  Office personnel will call the classroom and request that the student come to the office for check-out.  Parents should not go to the classroom to pick up a child.


    We have 3 types of transportation options at Penny Road: car pick up, bus, and walking.  

    CAR PICK UP – Each family will be given a car number to assist with pick up.  We will have two lines of traffic. The students will be escorted to your car by an adult.  You must assist your child into the car and make sure they are securely buckled. NEVER pull out into the center of these two lines of traffic.  We load around 20 cars at a time. When all the cars are loaded, a staff member will give a hand signal to allow one line of cars at a time to leave the carpool area. Please be patient as we are loading children.  All children that ride in the carpool system are usually loaded within ten minutes of school dismissal.

    BUS – Please discuss the importance of good behavior on the school bus.  Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right. We have very simple rules to keep our students safe on the bus.

    • Ride your assigned bus and remain seated while riding.
    • Maintain orderly behavior at the bus stop and while riding.
    • Keep head and arms inside the bus.
    • Refrain from any boisterous behavior or loud noises.

    Do not commit any act that would distract the attention of the driver and/or jeopardize the safety of the students or vandalize school property.


    If you walk to school to pick up your child, please wait at the picnic table that is located closest to the playground.  Your child will exit through the closest doors and meet you outside. If you drive to school, you must use the carpool system.


    Parents are not allowed to park in the drop off or pick up lanes in front of the school between the following times:

    8:30am – 9:30am

    3:00pm – 4:00pm


    I look forward to seeing all our students on our first day of school August 27, 2018  We can’t wait to see you!

    Mrs. Hoke, Principal