• Single Subject Acceleration For Spring 2021:

    The Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) Board of Education defines acceleration as allowing a student to move through traditional educational organizations more rapidly, based on readiness and motivation. Single Subject Acceleration (SSA) is the practice of placing a student in a higher-grade level in one subject area. This type of acceleration is for the purpose of providing access to appropriately challenging learning opportunities in either math or English Language Arts. To learn more about SSA, please review this Parent Information and visit the SSA tab on Mrs. Walters' Website.

    Is your child a good candidate for SSA?
    - Consider your child’s social and emotional maturity.
    - Your child may be taking classes with peers who may be older.
    - Consider your child’s organizational skills and ability to focus.
    - Can your child begin or complete projects by themselves?
    - Your child will be skipping an entire year’s worth of content and background knowledge.
    - The AIG teacher and homeroom teachers are not responsible for covering any content your child skipped as a result of receiving SSA services.
    - If your child qualifies for SSA in math or ELA in elementary or middle school, some courses take place online. During the school day, students participate independently in these online courses.
    - SSA may result in a different class schedule. To accommodate your child's academic needs, the school may assign your child a nontraditional schedule. The final decision about scheduling will be made by the principal at each school.

    SSA Test Request Procedures and Information:
    The Spring 2021 Test Request/Nomination Window is open now through Monday, March 22.  All SSA Test Requests must be submitted by 4:00pm Monday March 22.  For this year, the SSA Test Request Form will be submitted electronically via Google Forms.  Please note that there are 5 sections to complete on the form for your child to be eligible for testing. You will need your child's WCPSS issued student ID number - this is the same number they use to log in to their Wake County Rapid Identity Portal. If you need to verify your child's ID number, please contact your child's homeroom teacher.

    To request SSA testing for your child, please use this link: 2021 SSA Test Request Form

    SSA Testing will take place from April 7th through April 28th.  Mrs. Walters will contact parents with their child's specific testing date, time, and testing log-in directions.

    Please email Mrs. Walters ( dwalters1@wcpss.net ) if you have specific SSA questions.