• GHHS Senior Exam Exemption Information


    I. In accordance with the high school attendance plan, seniors will be exempt from non-state exams under the following parameters:

    • “A” average with 3 or fewer excused absences for the term
    • “B” average with 2 or fewer excused absences for the term
    • “C” average with 1 or fewer excused absences for the term

    II. Seniors may NOT be exempt from a State End-of-Course Test, NCFE, or CTE Post Assessment.  

    III. Guidelines for Absences: Teachers are responsible for determining senior exemptions in each class based on the below criteria. If anyone disagrees with the        teacher, an appeal may be completed and submitted to the Front Office. 

    • Seniors with any unexcused absences will not be exempted from an exam.
    • Not counted in the total for exemption absences:
      • School-sponsored field trips/activities
      • “Excused Absences for Religious and Education Reasons”
    • Tardies impact on exemption absences:
      • Seniors will receive 1 absence for every 4 tardies.  
      • Seniors with no tardies in a semester can earn back one absence for purposes of exam exemptions
    • If a student was assigned ALC/ISS by an administrator, he/she will be marked excused for purpose of exam exemption determinations.