• What is citizen science?

    • It is the public involvement in inquiry and discovery of new scientific knowledge.
    • Here at NGMS we will be collaborating to collect data, analyze and report out the findings of shark teeth


    What is a citizen scientist?

    • An individual who voluntarily contributes his/her time, effort, and resources toward scientific research in collaboration with professional scientists or alone.
    • Here at NGMS we have sediment from Aurora, NC and we will be assisting Dr. Terry “Bucky” Gates, Paleontologist, N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences


    How will citizen science affect the future of scientific research?

    • Bridging gaps by harnessing the power of people who are motivated by curiosity, a desire to advance research, or a concern about environmental conditions in their communities, then connecting them to projects that benefit from their energy and dedication.
    • In the past, collecting large samples of data for research was the most challenging task of any initiative. However, with today’s interconnected world, thousands of people from around the globe can remotely contribute to a study and provide, analyze, or report data that researchers can use.
    • Citizen science encourages people to take a stake in the world around them.


    How can I get involved in the citizen science fossil club of North Garner Middle School?

    • See Ms. Spears in the media center
    • Attend the meetings


    **Students must be willing to attend ALL of our program events.