• What is Caps Camp? 

    Caps Camp is a weekend retreat open to ALL Broughton students who want to have fun, make new friends, learn about themselves and others and forge a stronger connection to our school. Activities include skits, games and boundary-breaking conversations, among others. One goal of Caps Camp is for students to meet and get to know others who they may not normally cross paths with during a typical school day. Our teacher advisers and student leadership staff are working hard to plan this year's activities and are looking forward to a unique, fun weekend.  

    When is it? 

    Caps Camp starts after school on Friday, Sept. 23rd and runs until noon on Sunday, Sept. 25th at Camp Kanata in Wake Forest.  This weekend is the open date for all fall athletics. 

    How much does it cost? 

    It costs $150, which includes transportation to and from Camp Kanata, overnight accommodations at Camp Kanata for two nights, meals, and a T shirt.  We don’t want money to be the reason people might not go Caps Camp; therefore, there are scholarships available. 

    If I go to Caps Camp, do I have to be there for the entire weekend? 

    YES!  Students must commit to the entire weekend to attend. 

    Do we really camp out? 

    No!  While Camp Kanata sits among trees and fields on rolling hills, we do not really camp out.  Students sleep indoors on bunk beds and most cabins include their own bathrooms and shower facilities.  Some cabins use a bath house a few feet from their cabin.  Meals are served in the Camp Kanata dining hall. 

    What kind of activities take place? 

    Students will be divided into large and small groups and engage in skits, a variety of team-building games, arts and crafts activities, boundary-breaking conversations, dance parties and a campfire with smores. 

    How do students apply to go ? 

    Complete the online application form and submit physical copies of a parent permission form, a payment form and (if necessary) a medication form before school, during lunch, or after school from September 12 - September 14. Parent permission forms, payment forms, and medication forms may be printed out or picked up outside of room 153. If more students apply than the 176 we can accommodate, a lottery process will be used to finalize the list of campers. 

    Questions or concerns? 

    Contact Dave Corsetti at dcorsetti@wcpss.net 

    Helpful links: 

    Caps Camp video from 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hhtZ_eM698 

    Camp Kanata: