• Readvolution

    We are partnering with the Carolina Hurricanes to bring READvolution to all of our elementary schools and Power Play to all of our middle schools.

    This exciting partnership will support a community-wide literacy campaign around daily reading outside of school for elementary students, and fitness and its relationship to better learning for middle school students.

    This year, the READvolution time frame will be between Monday, Sept. 30 and Friday, Nov. 22. The challenge features both individual and school-wide components, as well as goals for each. Students who achieve the goal of reading 20 minutes per day throughout the allotted time frame (for a total of 800 minutes) will receive TWO complimentary ticket vouchers to a Hurricanes home game.

    The school-wide component of the challenge includes the tracking of books read collectively at the school site. Schools who report students reading at least 2,020 books will be entered into a drawing to attend a "Cool School Field Trip" at the PNC Arena to participate in fun activities, and hear from Hurricanes players in February 2020.

    Students who reach their individual goals will receive TWO complimentary tickets to a Carolina Hurricanes game. The school with the highest percentage of students meeting their goals may earn a Carolina Hurricanes Field Day event at their school in spring 2020.



    How to log the time that you read

    Each day, after you’re done reading, you should add the time to your Readvolution log.  Your log can be found on your WakeID Student Portal or at THIS LINK.

    If you are reading a new book

    • You can add a new reading log entry by clicking the large “Add” button.
    •  Enter the title of the book and click Submit.

    Once you have added your book title

    • Scroll down the page and click Add Reading Log.
    • Choose the correct book title from the drop down list.
    • Here you will add your number of minutes read.
    • If you complete the book on that day, check the box for Completed Book.
    • Click Submit. You will see your progress bar and the list of books and minutes read.