• Field Trips

    Field trips are currently on hold.  This page will be updated when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted to allow field trips again.

    Field trips can enhance classroom learning through real life contact with the topic of study. Prior approval is required for students to participate in school sponsored trips. When the field trip encompasses the regular lunch schedule, students may bring a lunch from home or request a bag lunch in advance from the school cafeteria.

    To locate specific information about upcoming Grade Level Field Trips, click the appropriate link below.  If you do not find the field trip information that you need, please contact the field trip sponsor directly:

    Many school field trips can be paid for through the WCPSS Online School Payment Portal.

    If privately-owned vehicles are to be used for transporting students, parents of the students are to be notified and the owner of the vehicle and the parents must acknowledge in writing that they have received notice that the board’s liability insurance does not cover the use of the private vehicles to transport students for school activities. Volunteers who transport students for school-sponsored activities or field trips certifies that his/her vehicle is covered by insurance as required by North Carolina state law.

    For more information, review Board Policy 5430: School Trips.