• During the 2nd Quarter you will use the following resources for our EL unit:

    Big Universe

    1. Log into your account

    2.  Use the search box to find any of the following titles to read...

         a.  Frogs                                                                              i.  Endangered Frogs

         b.  Backyard Wildlife Frogs                                                    j.  Nature's Deadliest:  Poison Dart Frogs

         c.  Frog Life Cycles                                                               k.  Tadpoles to Frogs

         d.  My First Animal:  Tree Frogs                                             l.  Critters Up Close!  Frogs

         e.  Amazing Water Frogs                                                     m.  Life Cycle of a Frog

         f.  Leaping Ground Frogs                                                      n.  Grow with Me Frog

         g.  Tricky Tree Frogs                                                            o.  A Frog's Life

         h.  Poison Dart Frogs                                                           p.  Red-Eyed Tree Frog



    1.  Go to the MES webpage

    2.  Scroll down to the Student Quick Links

    3. Choose Pebble Go and log in.  (Ask the teacher for the user name and password)

    4.  Search for articles about frogs and tadpoles.



    1.  Click on a link to read different types of text.

    2.  If the link does not work you may need to enter the user name and password for NCWiseOwl.  

    3.  If the magazine article does not appear, you may need to click "PDF Full Text" in the left side menu bar to see the images and magazine format.PDF Full Text   


    Encyclopedia Articles


         Poison Frog

         African Bullfrog


         Frog and Toad

    Magazine Articles (Explora)

         See-Through Frog

         Natures Best Dad

         Tiny Tough Frog (Scholastic News)

         This Frog Glows in the Dark

         Frog vs. Toad


         A Frog's Life

         From Tadpole to Frog

         Life Cycle of a Frog