Nature is an open-ended laboratory that beckons children to collaborate, communicate, create and think critically to make hypotheses and solve problems.  In fact, recent studies conducted by the Children and Nature Network, the Natural Start Alliance and experts like Last Child in the Woods author Richard Louv, revealed that a child's experience outdoors leads to improvement with intellectual, emotional, social and physical health.


    Nature-Based Learning for Children

     Millbrook Magnet Elementary School is one of only two schools in Wake County to offer students the specialized Environmental Connections program built on nature-based learning.

    With daily instruction across all content areas delivered through the lens of environmental and life sciencs, Millbrook's program offers authentic, hands-on opportunities to investigate and connect with local and global issues outside the school's walls.  

    At Millbrook Environmental Connections Magnet Elementary (MECME), students will become environmentally literate citizens who:  

    • Understanding how natural systems and human social systems work and interrelate
    • Make responsible decisions based on scientific, economic, aesthetic, political, cultural and ethical considerations
    • Recognize their personal connection to the environment for greater awareness and insight into their impact on nature
    • Practicing personal and civic responsibility 
    • Engage in problem-based learning through Environmental Challenge Inquiry Units (E-Inquiry)
    • Become good stewards of the Earth they are inheriting

    All students have access to a host of environmental and scientific equipment and technologies including computer-enabled microscopes, a weather station, campus trail cameras, indoor tower gardens, air quality sensors and more.

    At MECME, every fourth- and fifth-grader had access to an individual Chromebook in class, and all students use Chromebooks during daily instruction.

     garden  growing

    Environmental & Life Sciences Enrichment

    Environmental Integration Specialist

    MECME has a designated Environmental Integration Specialist who helps incorporate the school's nature-based learning magnet theme throughout every class and sore subjects.  With Mr. Sean Russell's guidance, teachers introduce ne ideas and concepts to support the school's unique theme.  

    University & Museum Partnerships

    MECME has developed strong partnerships with N.C. State University's Colleges of Education, Natural Resources and Agriculture & Life Sciences; the North Carolina Museum of Sciences; the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality/Environmental Education; and Project Learning Tree to enhance its magnet theme and support its specialized curriculum offerings.


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    Think MECME and nature-based learning may be best for your child?  Please contact Magnet Coordinator Randi Jones at (919) 950-8700, ext. 26250 or rjones@wcpss.net for further information or to schedule a school tour