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    Welcome to the Lynn Road Library. Our library is incredibly busy and full of exciting programming to get our students ready for the future. Information regarding programs facilitated through the library may be found in the following digital forums: 
    • Twitter: We use Twitter to tweet quick updates of current happenings in the library. Follow us at @lreslibrary.
    • Lynn Road Library Blog: You may subscribe to the blog to get notices of any updates here. For more detailed information concerning projects and programming, the blog will direct you to our wiki. 
    • Lynn Road Lion's Den Wiki: We use wiki technology not only as an instructional tool to enhance learning and facilitate instruction, but to allow our parents to follow student learning in the library remotely. Our goal with the Lion's Den Wiki is to create a digital information portal. The wiki is organized by school wide programming and grade level projects. Direct links to the digital resources our school currently subscribes to can be found in the digital learning section of the wiki. Click here to view our wiki.
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact our librarian Jenny Ruby Taylor by email at jrtaylor@wcpss.net or by phone at 919-872-4095.
    Library/Media Volunteers
    The library is always in need of volunteers. We especially need help with shelving books. As far as schedules, we are extremely flexible. Even if you only have 10 minutes to spare, we welcome the help. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Jenny Taylor at jrtaylor@wcpss.net. All volunteers must be registered and cleared through the WCPSS Volunteer System.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    How many books may I check out at one time?
    During the 1st quarter of school, 2nd-5th Grade students are allowed to check out up to three books at any time. 1st Grade students begin the year by checking out 2 books at a time and moving to 3 books during the 2nd Quarter. Kindergarten students check out 1 book during the 1st quarter and move up to 2 books during the 2nd quarter. Students are allowed to exceed these limits if they have projects where they may need additional resources for research. 
    How long may I keep my books?
    The check out period is two weeks. Students may renew their materials as often as they need with the exception of highly requested items.
    How do I know when my books are overdue?
    If you forget your books’ due dates, you may visit the library and scan your card at the check out station. This will pull up your library account and you can see the due date beside each item that is in your name. 
    May I check out reference materials?
    Yes, some reference materials may be checked out overnight. Check with the library staff to make a special request to check out reference materials. 
    What do I do if I lose a library book?
    Please have your parents contact the library if you have lost any books. We treat each case on a one by one basis. Sometimes, we will place the items under lost status so that you can resume checking out books. Continue to search for lost books. We do not accept payment for lost books until the 4th quarter. We are always amazed at how many books end up turning up after long periods of being lost. 
    What do I do if a book is damaged while checked out to me?
    We realize accidents happen. Please let us know as soon as possible if an item is damaged. Oftentimes, we are able to repair the book. If an item is damaged beyond repair, a bill will be sent home for payment to replace the item.
    What do I do if I have a book that belongs to another school?
    If you have moved to our school and you find a book that belongs to your previous school, please bring the book to our library and we can send it to your school through our courier system.