North Carolina Public Schools Testing Program

  • The state of North Carolina requires, as part of its Accountability Model, that students in certain grade levels as well as classes complete a standardized assessment. These assessments are listed below along with the dates of each assessment.




    Students Affected

    October 11


    Grades 9-12 *fee required*

    November 7

    Pre ACT

    Grade 10

    January 12-19

    Blocked Classes EOC/NCFE

    All Students

    November 27 - December 8

    ACT WorkKeys

    Senior CTE Concentrators

    February 27


    Grade 11

    March 20

    ACT Makeup

    Grade 11

    April 30 - May 14

    IB Exams

    IB Students

    May 7- 18

    AP Exams

    AP Students

    May 25 - June 8

    Final Exams

    All Students