• Problem and Solution

    Attendance Office - 919-773-3838 press #2 or dial extension 21904.

    My child is late to school

    If the student comes in before 7:40 am, (s)he goes straight to class & signs in there.  If the student does not have an excused reason, then (s)he must serve lunch detention on the following day.  If (s)he has an excused absence note, it can be turned in with the tardy log.

    If the child comes in after 7:40 am, (s)he reports to the Attendance Office to sign in and get an Admit Slip to class.  Again, if the reason is unexcused, (s)he must serve a lunch detention the following day.  If it’s excused (via note or parent), no detention is necessary. Reasons accepted for Excused Absence are listed below.

    My child misses an entire day (or more) of school

    A phone call to the school is not required.  Upon return to school, the student should arrive with a note from the doctor/dentist or parent and turn it into the Attendance Office within 2 business days.  The note should state the student’s name and grade, the reason for the absence, the day(s) missed, and a parent’s daytime phone number in case we have questions or need more information.  

    My child needs to be picked up from school early

    ONLY if the student drives and has an assigned parking spot at school, then the parent can send the student to school with a note stating when (s)he needs to be checked out and why, then the Attendance Office can give him/her an Early Release Pass.  When the time comes, the student shows the pass to the teacher, and leaves the school.

    If the parent does not send a note first, then the parent must come into the school to check out the student from the attendance office.

    If a student is too sick to sit in class while waiting for a ride home, (s)he must sit in Student Services and will be called up when the parent arrives.

    My child drives to school and needs to leave early

    If the student drives to school and does not provide a note to leave early, then a parent must call the Attendance Office to give permission for the student to leave.  The student will sign out at the Attendance Office. The student must also return to school with a note from the doctor/dentist or parent in order for it to be excused (if one was not provided before the absence).

    My child has to miss school for a sports/church/family/educational trip

    If you know about the trip in advance, and there is an educational component to it, please fill out the form titled “Request for Excused Absence for Educational Reasons” Form 1710.    Please turn it in at least 48 hours in advance of the trip.  If/when the principal approves it, then it can be entered into PowerSchool.  If you do not turn in this form or it is not approved, it will be entered as an “unexcused absence.”  

    Valid Reasons for Excused Absence

    1. Illness or injury that makes the student physically unable to attend school.
    2. Isolation ordered by the State Board of Health.
    3. Death in the family.
    4. Medical or dental appointment.
    5. Participation as a party under subpoena as a witness in a court proceeding.
    6. Observance of an event required or suggested by the religion of the student or the student’s parents with prior approval by the principal.
    7. Participation in a valid educational opportunity such as travel, with prior approval of the principal. Parents should submit a "Request for Excused Absence for Educational Reasons" (Form 1710) at least 5 days before the absence to our Attendance Office.

    Students may not be checked out after 2:00 PM.