School Competition

    • Qualifying tests, given to all students through Social Studies classes, will be completed no later than December 17.
    • Students with the top scores on the qualifying test will be notified around December 19.
    • School final competition will be held on January 10, 2019 -- 8:30 a.m.  Parents and other supporters are welcome to attend the Bee.  (No recording allowed)
    • Students may use the links below to prepare for the qualifying test and/or the school competition!


    Bee prepared

    • Visit the Study Corner on the National Geographic website.  On this page, you will find:
      • Resources
      • GeoBee Daily Quiz  (scroll down mid-page)
      • Game Apps to download to your device (scroll to bottom of page)
    • NC WiseOwl and Wake County Digital Resources have many great paid geography resources that are available to all NC students. See or contact Mrs. Walters for home access information.
    • If your parents want to purchase study material for you, click here.