S.T.A.G. (Sisters Together Achieving Greatness)

  • S.T.A.G

    Sisters Together Achieving Greatness


    Mission Of STAG

    The empowerment of young girls, is extremely important in today's world as gender roles are starting to reform. In order for young girls to be successful businesswoman, doctors, engineers, lawyers and more, young girls should be encouraged and motivated early. Through this club girls will be able to meet women in all professions for motivation, will be able to earn community service hours, have personal and relevant talks within the group with full support and encouragement. Overall the mission of this group is to prepare Rolesvilles girls, soon to be women, for today's society and to raise self esteem, confidence and chances of success in a society filled with men.


    Things We Will Do:

    • Have guest speakers from different professions and fields

    • Current college students and Alumni from around the triangle Community service  

    • Talk about job opportunities

    • Leadership opportunities

    • Go on field trips

    • Tutoring  

    • Girl Talk/ Idea talk

    • Fundraiser for STAG



    STAG, will meet Thursdays ,every 2 weeks food will be provided and special guest speaker will be there every 2 weeks .All students are invited at any time, and others can be invited into the club. Every week there will be a new topic of discussion, chosen through “Girl Talk” where all girls can share their opinion much like a seminar without judgment in a supportive safe environment.



    Minimum of 2.6 GPA

    Advisors: T. Pullen, L. Pender

    Executive Board:
    Co founder , President -Ebony Bogui 
    Co founder, Vice President -Oluchi Chukwunyere
    Secretary- Maliah Jennings
    Publicist - Vivian Powers 
    Historian -Aliana Fouse
    Treasurer- Jude Sage Radway 
    Remind 101 - Text 81010, @STAG17
    Twitter: @RHSSTAG16