• BYOD at WMS

    BYOD means students bring their own devices to school for educational purposes.
    In the classroom, students will use devices responsibly, and only with the permission and direction of the teacher or other staff member.  Of course, technology alone will not improve learning, but when combined with the right instruction from skilled staff, amazing things can happen.  BYOD is designed to support and empower all students and community members in effective use and implementation of technolgy to foster collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity. 


    1. Work with your device in approved locations 
    2. Use for assigned tasks only
    3. Use of device is restricted to it's owner 
    4. Bring fully charged device to school
    5. Use the school' BYOD network Wi-Fi network only
    6. Remove earbuds/turn down screen when asked
    7. Turn off device and put to sleep when not in use
    8. Teachers reserve the right to restrict use when student behavior warrants it. Parent will be contacted as needed.
    9. Wake County Public School Board policy 3225 will be followed.
    Students have 3 strikes per semester. If they are using their devices in a red zone, using it for inappropriate or non-instructional purposes, they will be docked a "strike".
    If students accrue 3 strikes they forfeit their BYOD privileges for the remainder of the semester.
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  • What about equity? Will students who cannot bring their own devices from home be at a disadvantage?

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