Black History Month



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Black History Month

February is Black History Month- a time when we remember the important people and events from black history.

Why is Black History Month in February?  February was chosen to celebrate African-American heritage because of the pioneers and institutions born in this month.  Eubie Blake, W.E.B. Du Bois, Frederick Douglass, Rosa Parks, and Langston Hughes all celebrated birthdays in February.

Are you wondering who all these people are? That’s great b/c everyday from February 6 to February 24 we will learn a little about one important person. The week of February 6-10th we will learn about 5  famous African American scientists. The week of February 13-17 we will learn about 5 famous African American African American civil activists.

And, finally, the week of February 20-24th we will learn about 5 famous poets and writers.

And to top it all off we are having a Black History Month Poster Contest! Anyone can enter and a winner will be chosen from each grade level. The winner will be invited to a doughnut party where they will receive a gift bag with goodies and a special gift! You will get a sheet with directions and a rubric so you can see exactly what to do to create the winning poster. We are looking for posters that are creative, interesting and that we can all read and learn about African Americans.

Good luck to everyone and enjoy Black History Month!!