• Course Registration Timeline 2020-2021

    January-February: Course Recommendations entered into PS by teachers

    January 30: Registration Launch – all registration materials published on Rolesville HS website

    January 30: Curriculum Night/Rising Freshman Parent Night/AP Parent Night

    February 21-March 15: Counselors meet with their 9​th​-11​th​ grade students to discuss registration, review transcripts, and complete the scheduling worksheet

    March 11-April 18: Rising 9th graders enter course selections at their Middle School

    March 13: Applications due for all application courses (turned in to Student Services)

    March 27: AP agreements due (turned in to Student Services)

    April 3: AP testing contracts due (turned in to Student Services)

    April 15: Deadline to submit course verification sheets to request a change to requested courses

    June 15: Deadline to submit Mid-Year/Early Graduation applications to Student Services

    July 10: Last day to drop an AP course (for Fall AND Spring 2020-2021)

    July 31: Applications for CTE internships and Dual Enrollment/CCP for Fall semester due (turned in to Student Services)

    December 1: Deadline for Seniors to apply for Partial Day

    December 18: Applications for CTE internships and Dual Enrollment/CCP for Spring semester due (turned in to Student Services)

    Message on Course Registration

    Course registration for the 2020-2021 school year is now underway! On the left side of this page is a navigation bar that contains links to documents including applications for certain courses, things to considering when selecting Honors, AP, or Academic level courses, and course descriptions to help you make the best decisions for your academic success at Rolesville High school.

    We want to reiterate that students are encouraged to choose their course selections carefully. Once course selections are made, schedule change requests will only be made for the following reasons:

    • A student wants to increase rigor (moving from an Academic course to Honors course or an Honors course to an AP course)
    • A student is scheduled for a course they have previously passed, a student is missing a course needed to graduate (this only applies to Seniors)
    • A student has an incomplete schedule (holes in schedules will be filled with courses selected during the registration process OR classes with available space at the time of the request)
    • A student is scheduled for the same course twice
    • A student has a schedule with a sequencing issue (i.e. scheduled for French II before French I - in this case the scheduling issue will be fixed, but the student will not be able to select new courses),

    Students WILL NOT be able to change their schedule because they no longer wish to take a course they requested, they prefer to have a different teacher or the class a different period, or because they received a course that was not one of their top choices. Students wishing to drop an AP course must do so by the deadline (July 10th 17th).